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Trans][Article][110708] Kim HyunJoong, 'Wears His Self-Design 30 Similar Sets of Capri Pants Everyday'

Source: Nate
English translation by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
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Singer Kim HyunJoong revealed his very unique clothing sense.

In the last 7 days where he recorded Mnet Beatles Code, Kim HyunJoong revealed his ideal (fashion) style is his particular interest.

He said, 'The grey capri pants that I personally liked very much aren't selling anymore, so I went to the factory directly and designed 30 sets on my own.' 'Everyday when I go out, I'll wear that pants together with the necklace & watch.', revealing his very own unique fashion style.

Additionally, 'It's the same with my diet, if there's only one type of food available on the menu, I'll eat that only. During my activities in Japan previously, I ate gyudon for 6 months because that's the only food available. Now I'm eating kalmaegi meat', exposing his distinct dietary habit.

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