Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

[News] Park Jung Min roses to ‘Global Prince’! Involved in Korea-Japan-Taiwan OST against all odds[13.07.11]

Source: wstarnews.hankyung.com
Chinese translation: 笑儿 @ No. 43 Park (parkjungmin.com.cn)

English translation: ss501chapter.wordpress.com
SS501 Park Jung Min will be a ‘Global OST Prince’. He who is currently having a high popularity in Korea, Japan and Greater China will be participating in Korea, Japan and Taiwan TV drama OST.
He will be singing OST for KBS2 drama ‘The Princess’s Man’ which will start to air on 20th July, and OST for Japan mobile LISMO drama ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’ which he acted with Japan famous actress, Sakai Miki. In addition, he will also be participating in his Taiwan drama OST whom he will be acting as the main character in the drama, thus, he held the triple OST in his hand tightly.
Moreover, he wrote the OST lyrics for his Japan mobile drama ’8 Gatsu no Love Song’ personally using Japanese, which made people exclaimed ‘he is indeed Park Jung Min!’. His fluent Japanese skills even shocked the Japanese staff.
At this point, his agency expressed ‘Soon after, Park Jung Min will be heading to Taiwan to film his Taiwan drama. The OST which he will be singing this time might be consider a precious gift to his fans around the world. Park Jung Min will repay everyone with his even handsomer/attractive image and acting from now onwards, we hope everyone can give him more support and love’
On the other hand, Park Jung Min will be going to Taiwan to film his drama.

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