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[Interview] Jaejoong Falls Deep Into Directing; On Hyunjoong and Future Directing [13.07.11]

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong who has recently finished the world tour of two months has fallen deeply into the attractiveness of directing.
Kim Jaejoong relayed his thoughts at having finished the JYJ World Tour. About the past two months, Kim Jaejoong expressed in one sentence: “It was fun.”
Kim Jaejoong expressed his pride, saying: “After finishing (the world Tour) I was so thankful to the family of the company and the members and the staff and proud (of them). The songs that went on the concert were also mostly self-composed songs. As for the Asia Tour I had even taken charge of directing. Such a tour concert went even to the USA. Even though there were difficulties and troubles I felt that it was amazing and I was proud that such a large tour was accomplished without anyone’s help but with one’s own strength only.”
Through this World Tour Kim Jaejoong also debuted as a director. When asked which he prefers between acting and directing, he laughed, saying “When I am performing, it feels better to be directing.” Kim Jaejoong revealed: “The director (of Protect the Boss) is so amazing that I am learning the qualities of a director even in the drama. It seems that he takes himself to filing after he finishes all of his considerations. Even so, drama is drama and performing is performing and so I think each as its own appeal.”
Kim Jaejoong picked Bangkok, Thailand where he performed past April as the country that stayed the most in his mind among the JYJ World Tour Concert locations. Kim Jaejoong explained “I think it is that Bangkok is the place of the first concert after I took charge of directing. The responses of the fans were also positive and so I was extremely thankful.”
Director Kim Jaejoong also has desires/hopes to direct concerts and performances of other singers. Kim Jaejoong laughed it off, saying: “I do have interest in directing the concerts of idol groups similar to us. There was a time in which Kim Hyunjoong – he and I are of very close friendship – and I talked lightly in a private setting about releasing an album together and doing activities together. But Kim Hyunjoong also has a lot of desires/hopes on his own music and so I feel that he will say that he will direct it himself.”
He also recalled that he found the directing of Sohn Yeonjae’s rhythmic gymnastics gala show to be very pleasant. Kim Jaejoong said: “Miss Sohn Yeonjae was able to express even better what I intended to portray through directing.” Continuing, he expressed his pride, saying: “I think directing is a field that is more interesting and attractive the more you do it, truly. Of course I am at the level in which I am learning but I feel that my perspective upon the entirety of the performance is becoming larger. During JYJ concert rehearsals, I feel that I am standing on the stage not merely as a singer but that I, who is doing the stage directing behind the sight of the audience, am also becoming a part of our team, and that has been a source of pride.”
At the same time, Artist Kim Jaejoong did not give a definite answer as to a Korean-language album, saying that it is “currently being prepared” but also “I have doubts as to whether it will be possible to release it within this year even though I desire to immediately release songs when good songs come out. I am preparing it from time to time.” Further, as to whether he plans to participate in the OST of Protect the Boss he said that there are none “yet.” Kim Jaejoong left a pregnant but exponentially-increasing anticipation for the fans by saying: “There are no self-composed songs that I made for drama purposes and so it is difficult to participate right away. However if there is a suggestion (for me to participate) I will accept. If it is for the good of the drama.”

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