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(Trans) Young Saeng and Kyu Jong video conference with Taiwan fans

[SS501], "chief singer" Yongsheng shy first video connection is good
Jinkui bell unexpectedly turned up the fans shouted: "make up!!"
Taiwan fans the most memorable "to force" fans will want to come to Taiwan

[SS501], "chief singer" Yongsheng the first time to meet good friends with Taiwan shy!  Yongsheng and "Prince of eternal life overseas connections," video activity 50 lucky fans will close for nearly an hour, talking about family talk current situation, so that the scene where fans indulge in happiness. Publicity period has also revealed near the end of  Yongsheng, has begun to receive new songs which I hope will soon be able to bring the latest music presented to us. Fast process, as the sudden appearance of special guests, just returned from Japan played out a few tickets sold out Hu's music drama "Palace" Kyu Joong, suddenly and unexpectedly appeared in the video camera, affectionately greet with fans in Taiwan, even Taiwan record company did not know, they fit to the scene of an accident fans call: "make up!!" said  Yongsheng miss the most is the fans in Taiwan, because Taiwan fans an unforgettable live concert, warm and vibrant cheering, bring eternal life considerable momentum, hope you can come back in Taiwan have the opportunity to see the lovely fans of Taiwan and stroll the beautiful waters of Taiwan.

[SS501], "chief singer," Xu Yongsheng championship in his debut album, released in Taiwan , 16 number (six) held "Prince of eternal life overseas connections," video event, 50 lucky fans through the screen and can be Xu Yongsheng to a "love connection." When Xu Yongsheng appeared in front of the camera, he kept screaming fans excited, so the first video connection with Taiwan fans could not help but shy of Xu Yongsheng up, but it quickly in Chinese: "Hello everyone, I was Xu Yongsheng, "now we say hello, and that unfortunately can not come to Taiwan to meet with you personally, but to connect the way through to see the fans really feel the scene is amazing fun.

Had chatted about the release album, [SS501] members who have given advice, Yongsheng funny, said: "Although there are, but there is not much help these views, listen to like." Immediately drew the fans of Comedy; Yongsheng also very satisfied with this new look, wear sunglasses, especially when the show will mature male fashion sense, when he felt the most handsome. Asked whether the songs have echoed to the concept of their own feelings when Yongsheng frankly said, because there is no girlfriend, with feelings of the songs, compared with the current state of mind do not meet their own; addition and the first to disclose, although album promotion period drawing to a close, but has begun to receive new songs for the new album, which I hope to release in October, when the latest works.

As [SS501] Jinkui Bell and Xu Yongsheng now belong to a brokerage firm, fans asked Kui Zhong current situation, the eternal life that went before the United States and Kui-minute play, because the identity of the artist removed the pressure, plus the original is stay up late evening and rest, because the mood in the United States when at ease, coupled with the time difference, but you can every day, early hours, there is a chance they want to go to the United States can play. Asked whether there is in Japan to join in Kui-minute musical, "Palace", the  Yongsheng expose charming smile, laughing, had to go to Japan, airline tickets are booked, but as temporary captain to keep [SS501] Kim Hyun Joong to join Korean variety show notice, so I had to say sorry to cancel with Kui Japanese minute trip.

I did not expect the connection site,  Yongsheng was "broke" not long finished, Jinkui bell immediately appeared brokerage firm on the spot "grab bag!" Zhong Kui had to know eternal life is now seen in a long time to do as fans in Taiwan News Connection, the company immediately flew with the fans to come say hello, see fans returning to Taiwan Kyu Jong, have shouted so handsome! Deep feelings of the man sitting in front of the camera with both talking about family, this accident, "fit," but record companies do not know in advance, but also to the scene of fans not only deeply moved, they have shouted: "make it!"

If you have the opportunity to travel abroad, then Yongsheng hope to visit Taiwan, you can walk to places never been, look at Taiwan's beautiful waters.  Yongsheng fans that miss Taiwan, as before [SS501] to do no matter where the concert, you can see Taiwan's fans to the site refueling, and should aid the sound is quite loud and passionate, and so brought him a considerable a great power. Although there is no relevant planning to visit Taiwan, but Kyu Jong & Yongsheng hopes and new friends after work, they could work together would be Taiwanese fans, I hope you will continue to support, Yongsheng and commitment, will continue efforts to Even better music to pass on the presents, please fans wait and see.

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