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[News] Kim Hyunjoong reveals his method to getting a girlfriend [27.07.11]

Source: TVReport
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Singer Kim Hyunjoong recently explained the truth about his romance life.
On the July 26th episode of the cable channel KBS’s “Lee Sora’s 2nd Proposal”, Kim Hyunjoong was asked a question relating to his love life. In response, he answered, “As I am a person, there were actually lots of people I have liked. The longest I’ve ever dated was a relationship that lasted for 3-4 years. However, we’ve broken up.”
A man who usually does not convey his true emotions easily, Hyunjoong said, “If I like someone more, I usually don’t greet or acknowledge them. I purposely avoid them because I feel like I will reveal my true feelings when she talks to me, out of happiness. However, when I go to a karaoke place as a group that includes that girl, I will always sing that one song I wanted to sing for her.”
He also said, “However, if I feel that I am losing that girl, I will apply myself more to getting her. I usually use a method that involves making situations where I meet that girl by chance. When I confess, I say ‘Do you want to go to the movies with me or do you not want to see me anymore?’ When we go to watch a movie, I tell her that I like her.”
Recently, when asked, Hyunjoong revealed that his last relationship ended 5 months ago.
Netizens commented, “Was that girl from the 5 months ago relationship the girl from the 3-year relationship?” “Although his management company leaves him free to date, I never thought he would freely tell us how he seduces a girl on TV.”

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