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[News] Kim Kyu Jong’s “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” achieved a viewership rating of 1.055%!

Original title: Viewerships of weekend dramas show strong momentum “Queen Insoo – Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” 1%↑
Chinese translation: redcat111 @ 金圭钟中文网 (
English translation: tzeyin28 @

[OSEN=Kang Seo Jang reporter] The weekend dramas of General Service Channels are showing strong momentum.

According to the research report carried out by the viewership rating agency “AGB Nielsen” on January 30th, episode 18 of jTBC weekend drama “Queen Insoo” (Sreenwriter: Jung Ha Yeon, Director: Lee Tae Kon) that was broadcast on January 29th achieved a viewership rating of 1.183% which is a nationwide standard while episode 14 of TV Chosun weekend drama “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” that was broadcast on the same day achieved a viewership rating of 1.055%.

---“Queen Insoo” paragraph omitted---

The (low-key) viewership of “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” has recently been hovering around zero-point-something percent, but episode 14 achieved a viewership rating above 1%. In episode 14, the ‘Love Line’ of In Young (Luna) and Niki (Kyu Jong) formalized and caused good viewership at the same time.

(In this episode) In Young and Niki have met each other twice before they were brought to the police station together. The two of them who argue with each other at every encounter used a hamburger date as the starting point to depict a real ‘Love Line’ with their feelings for each other.

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[News] KHJ visits Beijing to share New Year plans; says will hold concert in China

Kim Hyun Joong visits Beijing to share New Year plans; says will hold concert in China
Original news link: (dated Jan 6, 2012; 2.50pm local time)
Source: Sina Entertainment, via
Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes ( / @OnlyKHJtimes on Twitter)
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Sina Entertainment described popular Korean Star Kim Hyun Joong as the little Heavenly King of the new generation Hallyu Wave, (a term that we) trust is definitely not over the top; the two solo albums released in 2011, whether in terms of reputation or sales results, were dazzling and led to a new peak in Kim Hyun Joong's solo career.
The Kim Hyun Joong today is not just Kim Hyun Joong - leader of SS501, nor is he the 'National Sunbae' in the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers anymore; he is the Kim Hyun Joong with a go-all-out personality (OKT: meaning always focused, giving his best to get a job done).
Since TheFaceShop expended huge investments to sign on Kim Hyun Joong as its brand ambassador, the sales records that was repeatedly achieved and the explosive scenes from TheFaceShop's Asia Tour Fan-meet in the second half of 2011 were enough to prove the market value (commercial power) brought about by Kim Hyun Joong. This time, TheFaceShop chose Beijing as the first stop for his China Tour and this can be considered to be a warm New Year's gift to all highly anticipating Chinese fans.
On the day of the fan-meet, Kim Hyun Joong gifted fans with his personally autographed products and posters and posed for photographs with fans to commemorate the event. When lucky fans received the New Year gifts that were personally given to them by Kim Hyun Joong, the explosive atmosphere was set off, with cheering screams filling the entire venue. Following that, Kim Hyun Joong officiated the opening of a new store for TheFaceShop, attracting many customers and stopping on-lookers in their tracks.
Fans who were able to get in close contact with Kim Hyun Joong were amazed by his delicate skin, praising him to be truly qualified to be a brand ambassador. Kim Hyun Joong also promised that he would soon come (back) to Beijing to hold a solo concert here.
Before completing his Beijing schedule, Kim Hyun Joong spared some time to share with friends of Sina about his feelings during this visit and his plans for the year 2012.

SE = Sina Entertainment
KHJ = Kim Hyun Joong

SE: Please say hello to Sina's netizens!
KHJ: Hello to all Sina netizens. Happy New Year, I am Kim Hyun Joong.

SE: Visiting Beijing for TheFaceShop's Beijing Fanmeet this time, any special feelings?
KHJ: I feel very happy to be able to come to Beijing to meet fans here, (and) very thankful to fans for not being afraid of the winter cold and coming to support this activity. And I feel proud that many fans have come to know and love TheFaceShop brand through me.

SE: Your schedule of activities is so busy - do you have any special beauty tips?
KHJ: Just like you said, this year's schedule is really filled to the brim, the length of time with make-up on is also longer, so I place great importance on the process of make-up removal - so I pay more attention to such products.

SE: Besides skincare, to maintain your condition, do you keep to any special physical training?
KHJ: The two albums released this yeare were also dance songs, so to be familiar with the choreography, will train extensively everyday; I personally love to sweat it out - dripping sweat after every training session makes me feel refreshed.

SE: Korea's cosmetics industry is now very prosperous - what was the reason that made you choose to represent TheFaceShop brand?
KHJ: Indeed there are increasingly more Korean cosmetics brands that are getting attention in the market today, but I feel that my image and that of TheFaceShop is more compatible. Personally, I do not seek for overly glamorous things, I prefer a more natural and refreshing feel - this is why I have chosen to represent TheFaceShop.

SE: In 2011, (you have) held TheFaceShop fanmeet in various countries in Asia and let fans from different places to get closer to Kim Hyun Joong. And in the beginning of 2012, (you have) chosen Beijing as TheFaceShop China Tour's first stop. Following this, are there plans to hold fanmeets in other cities?
KHJ: Apart from Beijing, (we) also plan to go to Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities to hold activities there. At the same time for 2012, plans are in progress for my personal World Tour. Hopefully by then will have the opportunity to go to more cities to meet with fans.

SE: What range of TheFaceShop products does Hyun Joong use lately?
KHJ: I have always been using the BB Cream and some make-up removal products. A lot of fans gave me feedback that they also really like the BB Cream.

SE: Soon, Valentine's Day will be upon us in February. Can Kim Hyun Joong suggest to our female fans how to choose beauty products for their boyfriends?
KHJ: Because the winter days can be a little dry, I would suggest choosing some moisturising products. And since it's for Valentine's Day, then choose something with a sweet fragrance.

SE: Let's talk about what fans are more concerned about - Hyun Joong's work schedule in 2012. Because it has been quite a long while since your last film/television work, is there any plan in the pipeline for new film/television works?
KHJ: Actually previously, there was a plan for a drama, but due to some objective reasons, it has been delayed. But I believe in the not-too-distant future, (I) will come up with something better to greet everyone. And this year's solo World Tour is in the midst of preparation - I believe it will be held in many places.

SE: For 2012, is there any New Year wish?
KHJ: If 2011 is said to be the year I gained attention through my solo debut,  then I hope 2012 will be the year I gain more public recognition. I will work harder to make more people pay attention to my music and like my work and to fans, please support my work.

[News] Korea's beautiful man appears for Liaoning TV Spring Festival; KHJ: It feels 'lao bi le' (very good)

Korea's beautiful man appears for Liaoning TV Spring Festival;
Kim Hyun Joong: Visiting Shenyang feels 'lao bi le' (very good)
Original link: (Dated Jan 6, 2012)
Source: Shenyang Night Edition, via
Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes ( @OnlyKHJtimes on Twitter)
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Former leader of popular Korean group SS501, the Korean artiste with the nickname 'Flower man' visited Shenyang yesterday and participated in the Liaoning TV Spring Festival Night's rehearsal. From the moment he alighted from the plane until his interview and then rehearsal, wherever he went, there were cheers and screams throughout; Kim Hyun Joong's popularity in Shenyang is truly amazing.
In accepting this paper's interview, he expressed that although it's the first time he was visiting Shenyang and the weather was very cold, but the passion of Shenyang fans made him feel warm at heart.
For the performance of the LNTV Spring Festival Night, he would be singing the title tracks of his two new albums:
"But this is just the 'tip of the iceberg'. Fans who like me will be seeing more exciting performances from me in 2012!"
Kim Hyun Joong, who was on his first visit to Shenyang, also learnt a little of the local dialect: "Lao bi le" - these three words when uttered from his mouth became "Lao bi lao", causing all the Shenyang reporters at the venue to laugh aloud - the words somehow sounded more powerful (from his pronunciation).

First time to Shenyang, learnt some northeastern dialect
"Lao bi le" were pronounced "lao bi lao"
"Hello everybody, I am Kim Hyun Joong!" Just as he sat down, Kim Hyun Joong used Korean to greet the Shenyang media - the voice low and full of magnetism.
Kim Hyun Joong who is on his first visit to Shenyang, said that the deepest impression of his visit to Shenyang was the cold, but the passionate enthusiasm of fans wherever he went made him feel exceptionally warm at heart.
He said that although yesterday wasn't Chinese New Year, but because it was the recording of the Spring Festival night, he could deeply feel the rehearsal scene's festive atmosphere; "China and Korea will also be welcoming the Dragon Year, (so) hope the people of Shenyang will be healthy and spirited in the new year, will 'fly sky-high like the Dragon and leap about like the Tiger'. The translator accurately used idioms to express Kim Hyun Joong's greetings for the new year, winning a burst of praises from the media at the scene.
Kim Hyun Joong also said that despite having never visited Shenyang before, he already got to know that Shenyang has a 'Korean Street'.
"After the rehearsal is over, I will go eat some Korean food, as a treat to myself and the team of people who accompanied me all the way here."
First time to Shenyang, Kim Hyun Joong also did as the Romans and learnt some Northeastern dialect. In all seriousness, he learnt to pronounce "Lao bi le" three times, but what he pronounced eventually was still "Lao bi lao". Reporters at the scene were tickled because (while as) Northeasterners (they) understood, his pronunciation seemed to have made the phrase sound more interesting!

LNTV Spring Festival Night's performance is the 'starting point'
2012 Solo Concert Tour may include Shenyang
Last year was a year of prosperous development for Kim Hyun Joong's career: 2 albums, 1 television drama, and countless endorsement and activities had allowed Kim Hyun Joong's popularity, on leaving (or coming out from) SS501, not to decrease but increase.
He said that he was now moving towards the direction of developing himself as a versatile artiste, be it in style, singing, (or) acting, must not (remain) in the same category as he was a few years ago.
"I hope I can showcase the best of myself in this Spring Festival Night."
For this performance, Kim Hyun Joong will bring (to audience) the title tracks of his two albums from the previous year, 'Break Down' and 'Lucky Guy'.
He said that each time he came to China to perform, there would be a very sacred feeling.
"At the opening ceremony of the Guangzhou Asian Games last year, when I sang the theme song 'Sunshine Again' with Tao Zi and the other Chinese singers, the feeling was very sacred. Asia is like a big family and I as a foreign singer, to be able to stand on China's stage, really felt that life is beautiful. My visit to Shenyang this time is also the same. Starting the year recording for the Spring Festival Night in Shenyang is the brand new starting point of my career in 2012. I will definitely bring more surprises to everyone this year!"
He revealed that this year, apart from releasing a new album, filming a new film/TV work, the biggest 'surprise' is that he would be starting a concert tour in China this year.
"The stops that have been determined now are Beijing and Shanghai, now actively striving for Shenyang. There are many people who love Korean culture here (OKT: the phrase used refers to people who like all things Korean) and fans are very passionate. I believe that if the concert can take place, everyone will definitely spend an unforgettable night with me!"

On romance will not talk about 'getting married at 30' anymore
Depends on fate (but) does not wish to marry too early
As a super-gorgeous man among Korean artistes, Kim Hyun Joong's romantic life has been a much-talked about topic among fans.
In the Korean variety show 'We Got Married' last year (OKT: The reporter got it wrong, it wasn't last year but in 2008), Kim Hyun Joong and female artiste Hwang Bo Hye Jung posed as husband and wife and the pairing was very compatible.
This caused quite a lot of female fans to be extremely jealous.
As to his ideal woman, Kim Hyun Joong said the quality he most value is 'sincerity'.
"Appearance, age - these are not a problem. Nationality is also not a problem because true love knows no borders."
In an interview many years ago, Kim Hyun Joong had said that he hoped that he would be married and have children by the age of 30, and when faced with this question again yesterday, Kim Hyun Joong's answer was quite different.
"When I said that last time, I was still far from 30, so (my answer) then could only represent the mindset of that age. Now, I feel that marriage should wait for the arrival of true love - it can be at 30, and it can be at 40, or it can even happen tomorrow - you never know; everything depends on fate."
The pressure faced by Korean artistes is usually not light and even for Kim Hyun Joong with his strong build, there have often been news in recent years about him falling sick or getting injured. On how to alleviate stress, Kim Hyun Joong said that when he was free, he enjoyed being with friends, meet up, chat, have a drink or two.
He also stressed that he could really hold his drink.
"My drinking ability is really quite okay. Last year, Chinese fans gave me some liquor with very high alcohol content. I finished it all in one gathering."
~ Reporter: Guan Li Zhe. Photographs by Chang Sheng Gang.

Mezamashi TV's feature of Hyun Joong on Fuji TV, 30 Jan 2012

Video uploaded by: VeVeritzoaica
Translation by: OnlyKHJtimes ( / @OnlyKHJtimes)

MC: This person is KHJ, who debuted as a solo (artist) in Japan.
He made a couple of surprise visits to CD shops in Tokyo, yet so many fans came to see him. His visits were a secret, and only Mezamashi TV followed him.
We will show you our exclusive video about him later.

MC: There were big surprise events in Shibuya and Ginza yesterday.
A Hanryu (Hallyu) star, KHJ debuted as a solo the other day in Japan and made a surprise appearance in front of fans.

Girl: I saw him. He was handsome. Fufufufufu ~chego (good!)~

VO: The person whom the fans came to see was KHJ, who debuted as a solo the other day in Japan. He visited Shibuya and Ginza to promote his debut CD.

VO: His debut CD won 2nd spot on the Oricon daily ranking.
His visit was planned secretly but about 200 fans got the information from Twitter or etc (and gathered) in Shibuya.

VO: He was welcomed with great cheers by fans and left his autograph on his panel.
These fans who could shake hands with him were very lucky, as his stay was just only 1 min and 21 secs. He left like a storm and headed to Ginza.

KHJ: I feel that Japanese fans are very enthusiastic and their feelings (zeal/enthusiasm) to cheer me is big.

In fact KHJ has lived in Japan some years ago.
His favorite dishes since then…?

KHJ: The dishes I often eat are gyu-don, ramen, soba, and curry rice.
I especially like the curry and rice at CoCo Ichi (it's the name of the shop).

He seems to like Japanese fast-food.
Then what is his favorite Japanese word?

KHJ: "Agepoyo"
Since I’ve debuted in Japan, everyday is “agepoyo” for me.

VO: His next visit with such an “agepoyo” feeling was a CD shop in Ginza.
There were double the number of fans compared with at Shibuya; about 500 agepoyo fans welcomed him.

VO: He’s called “rida” because he’s been a leader of SS501, which debuted in Korea, in 2005. After the event, so many fans were waiting for him to come out.

Fan1: "He is so handsome and cute and I'm really moved (that I could) meet him. 
Fan2: "I really love him. He is the aunt's (middle-aged women's) longing (adoration)."

KHJ: I think I have to work harder (to meet the expectations from fans) in the future.
I also want to thank all the fans for coming to see me.

VO: KHJ had a stage on Mezamashi Live last summer and he had been very popular since then. There weren't any announcement, but about 700 fans had gathered to see him.

The End

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[KeyEast Notice] Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Japan [22.01.2012]

Source: KHJ Japan official site
Chinese translation: 大毛 @
English translation: tzeyin28 @
Please re-post with full credits!
Hello everyone.Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Haneda Airport on the night of January 22nd. Everyone braved the cold weather and came to the airport. We’re really happy to arrive in Japan with so many fans’ support.
Japan debut single “Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy” is finally going to be released on January 25th. It’s specially made for Japan fans. Please look forward to it.
We hope to achieve great success after his Japan debut. Please continue to support Kim Hyun Joong just like you always do.

[News]Kim Hyun Joong - Which idols own the most expensive homes?

*[Only Kim Hyun Joong's part ]*

Singer Kim Hyun Joong lives in a European-style villa located in the Chungdamdong area. A small garden is located outside the villa, as well as a number of parks.

His home is reported to be worth anywhere from $1.7 to $2.6 million US dollars, which he purchased after being highly successful with concerts, album sales, advertisements, and more in Japan.

The singer reportedly earned an impressive $3.5 million after ‘Boys Before Flowers‘ aired on TV, filming various CFs among other promotions. His official character U:ZOOSIN also sold over 50,000 units earning a profit of $1.7 million dollars.

[Interview] Kim Hyung Jun wants to become the nation’s “it” young guy to date in 2012 [24.01.2012]

Source & Image : StarNews via Naver
by leesa86  @ allkpop
“Hello, my name is Kang Min,” rookie actor Kim Hyung Jun  greeted upon meeting with StarNew for an interview. The singer turned actor made his small-screen debut with ‘Sunshine Girl‘ which aired its pilot episode on January 7th.
“I feel like I’m still in character where ever I go,” he continued.
Kim Hyung Jun has been busy focusing on acting these days as top star Kang Min in new drama series, ‘Sunshine Girl’. According to the script, Kang Min is a woman-swooning jerk, a large contrast to his put-together appearance. He is arrogant and ruthless, but a character that the viewers keep wanting to see more of.
Kim Hyung Jun debuted in 2005 with his group, SS501 and is making his successful transformation as an actor with his new role.
“I don’t know how many months I spent preparing for this drama,” he said. “I was so confident before the shoot began, but once we actually started, I began drawing blanks. It’s like I’m a rookie all over again. Hi, I’m rookie actor Kim Hyung Jun.”
His new character is definitely different from his own innocent and shy image fans have come to know and love. We asked if he sees even a small part of himself in his new character.
“The real Kim Hyung Jun is as gentle as a pony,” he said. “The character has a personality that’s very different from my own, which makes it a little difficult. I added a little bit of rugged charm to my personality, and luckily I think it worked well.”
Perhaps it’s because it’s his first time acting, but he seemed dissatisfied with the way he performed on set. He could have cut himself some slack, as this is his first time, but it looked as though he set the bar pretty high for himself.
“When I look back on my scene, there are so many areas where it feels so unnatural. I am thinking of how I can improve, especially in areas where I have to deliver emotion or use a lot of gestures. There’s going to be no big change overnight, but I will continue to talk with the staff members and my co-stars to improve in the future,” he said.
The actor feels he is still lacking in a lot of different ways, and insists that he will improve with time, rather than boasting that he seems pretty good for a rookie.
We asked what he wanted to accomplish as an actor. “When people see my dramas or the characters I take on, I want people to recognize that it’s classically Kim Hyung Jun.”
The actor seems to show a lot of passion for acting. “When this drama is over, I would like to try a drama that airs on public television,” he said. ”But for a large-scale drama like that, I need to improve my acting drastically. I don’t want people to say that I’m a horrible actor, and so I need to try harder now.”
He also expressed his gratitude towards his co-stars such as So Ee Hyun, Park Kwang Hyun, and more. It’s a well-known fact that if the actors on set do not have good relationships, it makes it hard to act on-screen with them as well. Their relationships in real life affect their on-screen chemistry. Kim Hyung Jun expressed that he was really worried about this, but that now they are all like one big family.
“So Ee Hyun is like a real sister to me, while Park Kwang Hyun is like my older brother. They both take care of me really well. They always contact me first, offering to buy me a meal. I thank truly thankful for those two. They also give me advice on how to be more natural on camera. Even when the drama comes to an end, I would like to maintain our relationship,” he said.
The rookie actor creates a love connection with So Ee Hyun in the drama, and in the acting world, he is the current ‘it’ guy. Although he plays the role of a bad boy, viewers cannot get enough of him.
“I know that some viewers are not fond of my character, but a lot of them think that my character is cute and want to continue to see me throughout the program. I think this is the appeal of a younger man. And in 2012, I would like to become the nation’s official “it” young guy to

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[09/01/12] Kim HyungJun “Finally I am also acting, 2012 is my year!”

Credits : (Words by Lee YoonKyung, Photo by Jung SunShik) + (English Translation) xiaochu @


SS501 Kim HyungJun

First step into acting with drama ‘She’s completely insane’
Study on a mix of topstar Dok GoJin, Osaka
Aims to get 1st with a solo album in later half of the year

“Though it is a cable TV drama, it is so interesting that you will want to try to watch it. Seems like finally, my turn has come.” Singer Kim HyungJun (25) wants to show this side of himself. A daring and full of confidence image, his forever cute SS501’s magnae image has disappeared.

Even though he’s nervous over it, Kim HyungJun’s first step in drama acting as KangMin in KBS drama ‘She’s completely insane’, is light yet dignified. “Looking at the other members debut as a actors through the times, it made me secretly want to do it too. Finally, I had this great opportunity for acting, it feels like the pressure that was pressing on my chest was completely released.”

In this drama, he acts as topstar KangMin, who is in a love triangle between broadcast writer Jeon JiHyun (So YiHyun) and variety star PD Noh YongWoo (Park KwangHyun). Fortunately, there are a lot of similarities between KangMin and himself thus there is no big difficulties while acting. “Acting is really fun and I feel excited everyday going to the filming scene.” Kim HyungJun said while grinning from ear to ear.

“In the script, KangMin is written as a snobbish top star. So I took into account the prickly yet arrogant character of Dok GoJin (Cha SeungWon) from ‘Greatest Love’ and cunning yet attentive side of Osaka (Yoon SangHyun) in ‘Secret Garden’. I also did many observations. You can look forward to Kim HyungJun’s brand of acting as a top star.”

Even though it is difficult as this is his first time acting, he feels reassured as there are colleagues who help him along. So YiHyun and Park KwangHyun, who ‘specializes in romantic comedy’, takes care of magnae Kim HyungJun like their own brother at the filming scene.

“I was worried about being an idol-turned-actor and getting into a new field, but I am thankful that everyone treats me like a family. Especially YiHyun noona who explains one thing or another to me in details. A few days ago, I was filming the scene where I fainted and grabbed YiHyun’s hand, noona is Hercules. (laughs) She looks pretty and easy-going but her hands are extremely strong. My face which got slapped was burning. It became red and swelled up later, because it seems like it was bruised.”

Standing in front of the public as SS501 in 2005, this year marks his 7th year of debut. He was the magnae among the members and was in charge of cuteness at that time, but now he is already in his mid-twenties. Even though he, as a singer, already possessed popularity that rule over Asia, he could only watch over the other members by their side when they challenged into other fields such as drama, musical, etc. An actor’s dream can be as big as he dream, thus he grew even more attached to the drama ‘She’s completely insane’.

“While watching (Kim) HyunJoong hyung in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, I thought to myself ‘I can also do it well’. I had opportunities to act thereafter but it just brushes past every time. Seems like finally, my turn has come. Popularity is something that comes and goes. I have a strong hunch that this year will be my year. Hahaha.”

While acting, he wanted to have local activities to his heart’s content which he couldn’t have done it for the time being. Even so, he didn’t think of giving up music. This man full of desire set a goal to grab the two hares, music and acting, perfectly this year. Firstly, he will work hard in acting for the first half of the year and receive good appraisals for it, then he wants to win the first place in music charts with a solo album in the later half of the year.

“Thinking back, last year was an eventful year but I couldn’t remember what I actually did. I think it just pass by to nothing. On the first morning in the New Year, for some reasons, it was refreshing. In 2012, I will gain a foothold where I will be able to jump a step forward on my own. I must become a dragon and rise to the sky. (laugh)”

War movies are my cup of tea...

He had a deep impression while watching movie ‘My Way’ by Jang DongGun and Odakiri Jo not long ago, and setting his eyes on not only drama but also movies. Kim HyungJun sputtered away saying “War movies are my cup of tea”.

“I watched the movie and felt the joy. I really want to act in war movies. Jang DongGun and Odakiri Jo acted really well in it. Even though I haven’t gone for my military service yet, I want to try acting in (war movie) for once, thinking of it as a rehearsal for me. I think it will show the real man image of Kim HyungJun properly.”