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[Trans+Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - on Hanryu Station Japan Magazine

Q : what's event will you do for your lover?
A : I will work hard for my lover, but I don't think that event is important. I like to write handwriten letter, so I'll often sends letter to my lover. when I go overseas I'll send so often. like "it was this thing today", "I want to see you"

Q : what's your ideal drive?
A : when I'm together with my lover, I want to drive seaside on open car. open the roof fully, listening the music like club. When I'm alone I like jazz, so listening jazz and ballad with tears.

Q : You have worked a variety. what are your advantages that you noticed recently?
A : I think my advantages are point that aggresive, positive and always working with smile. I noticed myself to be able to feeling better with work, even there's a difficult problem, I think I'll be able to happy when I can clear this. it's the best advantage.

Q : Do you continue to study Japanese?
A : I don't study too much, but I'll study for a month before Japan tour. I will come to Japan again. But will not living in Japan for a long time.

[Trans] SSTV Interview - Heo Young Saeng "Album Production,Tired To The Brink Of Depression"

Source: SSTV
 Chinese Trans: 王小卯 @ HYS Baidu Bar
 Eng Trans: cllslam10 @ StylishHYS
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Gentle melody, more robust dance movements. The story of solo singer Heo Young Saengwith his "SOLO" comeback. 

Idol group SS501 main vocalist Heo Young Saeng, coming back with his 2nd mini-album "SOLO"title track "CRYING" met with enthusiastic public. (In actual fact on 17 Jun SBS Inkigayo was his last comeback stage for his 2nd album promotions)

A Greater Sense of Pressure

"Starting activities after a year, starting anew feeling is becoming stronger. During the mood for the 1st album, there was an empty feeling. But for this time, I really put in so much effort into it. Should really properly complete it, thus a greater sense of pressure."

Specially for this album, he personally did lots of preparation, which part is the toughest, he himself couldnt even remember it. Firstly "it is really extremely tough" with this he started his story.

"For the last album even though I did "meddle" with lot of stuff, but this time to the extent as the producer's name appearing, there is a wider degree of investment of energy done in this album. While doing the album preparation, I was nearly tormented into depression all alone. There are many sole responsiblity which I need to endure."

The exact concept and direction of the album has not even confirmed, and the production of the album has to start. Because of this, from lyrics, costumes, dance choregraphy, MV concept, designing of album jacket, there are too many parts that must consider, examples of the scenarios that he encountered. "Young Saeng ah, what concept does you want your MV to be?" "Young Saeng ah, have you think of the design for you album jacket?"

Regarding the planning or direction for the whole album, during the circumstances where everything is still not yet determined, from start till finish, grasp of the refinement in direction, such as coming up with ideas are all his task and responsiblities. Although all these are the responsiblities of a producer, once you encounter those conditions, you will be at loss and sink into difficulties on what to do. Therefore, after going thru the difficulties for this album, he has also grown a lot, as said, a substantial growth.

"Musical, To Be Honest.. Been Afraid. Acting..."

Before challenging with his acting skills in the sitcom "Sent From Heaven", let's talk about the story of him acting in the musical. Heo Young Saeng musical challenge, as compared with other idol singers, his is coincidently considered as late. Which is the musical of "Three Musketeers" which he participate in during the later part of last year.

"Previously although there are some (musical performance) representations, but surprisingly I do not have the idea of acting. To be honest, I am very afraid."

Even though plucking up his courage, there could become a so-called 'family oppa' and 'the only musical actors that he aware' which he became close with after particpating in a project withUm Ki Jun, Kim Bum Rae, hopping 'that he can feel more at ease'. Especially Shin Sung Woohyung who is staying at the condo above him who also acted, putting him even more at ease. But in actual fact, during practicing, he have never even see these hyungs.

Continued after his musical during autumn, Heo Young Saeng challenged in the acting field during spring. Idol singer who acting challenge, is already not something new, perhaps it has already become like a "regular sequence". But his acting challenge has a slightly different feel. His image as SS501 main vocalist 'singer' has been embedded too deep, thus when he was challenging acting for the 1st time, there was a 'What?! (Surprise-like)' feeling.

"Earlier I already wanted to act. But everything wasnt every smooth or successful, when I really wanted to act, people around me said 'Really? You really want to act?' Everytime I will be answering the same answer, everyone's reaction was 'Didnt know that you really wanted to act'."

KBS 2TV comedy sitcom "Sent From Heaven", Heo Young Saeng character as a hallyu starKAKI (Young Saeng), trying to have a bad boy image, but somehow or rather his comedic image making everyone laugh while going thru different transformation. In the sitcom, he and Cha NaRa (acted by Woori) forming a love line.

"Although it is my 1st time challenging acting, but it is very interesting. Of course there alot of regretable parts, it seems like improving gradually, thus I am very happy. Will work even harder."

Although SS501 Attempt To Release An Album Together...

The topic on SS501 is really hard to avoid. Already belonging to different companies, each member busy with their own individual activities, thinking about it, it is really hard for them to gather together.

"Although it is hard to meet up, but we still keep in contact. In fact, we did think abt releasing an album, we even talk abt it, but the conflicting schedules makes it very hard to do so."

'Conflicting of schedules' Several times, almost in tune, but still could not tie up. In actual fact,Kim Kyu Jong who is in the same company as Heo Young Saeng, is the 1st who decided to get enlist into the military among all the SS501 members, which makes the co-ordination of the 5 members schedule to be even more difficult. During the Kim Kyu Jong fanmeeting which was held on 3 Jun prior to his enlistment, SS501 members all gathered together, proudly showcasing their close friendship. 8 Jun is also the 7th anniversary of SS501 debut.

Usually, other than SS501 members, Heo Young Saeng has a lot of friendship with many other artistes be it the sunbaes or hoobaes, he is very proud of his deep and wide network of contacts. Playing a decision role for his acceptance in challenging the musical, and also the 'only musical actor whom he knows Um Ki Jun, Kim Bum Rae, and also the person while who is obsessed with online game, but also brought him into the reality games (football, basketball, baseball etc), and a good sportsman leader Seo Ji-Seok especially close. 

Recently he and Seo Ji-Seok's celebrity football team "FC Goodie" members also conducted many sports activities, and have become closer to the hoobaes. FT island's Lee HongKi, Oh Won Bin, Infinite's Seong Yeol and Sung Gyu, U-Kiss DongHo etc, during the celebrity football competition, was very happy when he manage to score a goal. Of course it is good, but the real sense has not yet out.

His 2nd album promotions for the domestic market is too short, fans has been voicing out their regrets. His fans can only temporary watch 'Actor Heo Young Saeng' via their TV screen to compensate for their regrets.

Heo Young Saeng will be start his new challenge from this September onwards. He will be releasing his regular album in Japan, and also start his preparation for his solo concert. Please look forward to Singer Heo Young Saeng conquest for the world.

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[News] Heo Young Saeng ‘Why does everybody knows that I’m not interested in acting?’ [07.06.2012]

Source: NEWSEN
 English Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.com
Heo Young Saeng reveals selca of his bewitching long hair ‘Can man be this pretty?’ READ IN HERE

Heo Young Saeng, whose chicness seems endless, overcame it through sitcom. “I have no confidence in memorizing scripts” said Heo Young Saeng, who said he couldn’t do musicals, but yet had successfully completed it. Just like this, Heo Young Saeng builds up his self-confidence bit by bit.
Heo Young Saeng who revealed in an interview as he releases his last album that he “has no confidence in memorizing scripts”, was later casted in musical ‘Three Musketeers’ and transformed into a musical actor. Heo Young Saeng, whom we’ve came face to face once again, laughed as he said “It was alright. While it was facinating, I memorized by hard too”

Heo Young Saeng said “Even up till now, i can still remember the lines (in the script). I forget the lines in the sitcom after a while, but i remember the lines for musical even until now. It could be because I have been constantly practicing it. After all it was for a period of 2 months. I can also remember all the fencing strokes, i probably memorized them better than the lines.”
He said, “And above all, I think its because I have met good people and have been in a good production. Hence i had more motivation. The pressure and tension that I was experiencing had all been covered up by the actors.” while expressing his gratitude.
Regarding the sitcom, Heo Young Saeng revealed, “Honestly, being in the sitcom wasn’t as bad either. The amount of makeup is not too much of a concern. Before participating in the sitcom, when speaking to the writers, i told them that even though i’m a singer, the character given to me may need not be a elegant one. I thought about the reality of how a singer may look cool on stage, but after coming down from stage, the singer is just another ordinary person.”
In response to the words “Not interested in acting”, Heo Young Saeng told us “I used to have a little interest in acting. I wanted to try. But people thought i have no interest in acting. I’ve always wanted to try, but people didn’t think that way. In fact, I’m quite interested.”
He said “That is because it seems interesting if I live such as another person. Whenever we have a musical performance, i thought, ‘You’re going against the villian today’, ‘You’re going to have a affectionate scene’, it makes me excited. Now, while shooting sitcom i will think to myself ‘You’re going to see your girlfriend’. Since i cannot do things such as being in a romance in reality, being able to do that while in a sitcom seems good too.”

Heo Young Saeng who was on the musical stage and in a sitcom for a period has once again returned as a singer. Despite revealing his desires in acting, his mercenary spirit as a singer was as strong as before. In particular, the album concept, planning, organization and so on, Heo Young Saeng has been directly involved in the overall production and has his name reflected  in the producing line.
Heo Young Saeng said “As compared to the other or the last album, it will be good if the current album gets credit. I hope I can show you my improvements a little by little.” (Photos = B2M Entertainment)