Rabu, 27 Juni 2012

[Trans+Photo] Kim Hyung Jun - on Hanryu Station Japan Magazine

Q : what's event will you do for your lover?
A : I will work hard for my lover, but I don't think that event is important. I like to write handwriten letter, so I'll often sends letter to my lover. when I go overseas I'll send so often. like "it was this thing today", "I want to see you"

Q : what's your ideal drive?
A : when I'm together with my lover, I want to drive seaside on open car. open the roof fully, listening the music like club. When I'm alone I like jazz, so listening jazz and ballad with tears.

Q : You have worked a variety. what are your advantages that you noticed recently?
A : I think my advantages are point that aggresive, positive and always working with smile. I noticed myself to be able to feeling better with work, even there's a difficult problem, I think I'll be able to happy when I can clear this. it's the best advantage.

Q : Do you continue to study Japanese?
A : I don't study too much, but I'll study for a month before Japan tour. I will come to Japan again. But will not living in Japan for a long time.

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