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(News Trans) 110701 Yongsheng said, "idol of Yao Xie - the best bell-hyun singing

Xu Yongsheng said, "idol of Yao Xie - bell-hyun singing the best."
[TVreport Huangren Hui (transliteration) correspondent] combination SS501 star singer alone on the beast's Liangyao Xie Xu Yongsheng and shinee singing bell-hyun spoke highly of the ability.
30 delivery of cable television programs 'TV Mnet beatles code' in singer Yinxiu one band handsome people, SS501 Xu Yongsheng appeared to prove the parallel theory.
MC Yin Zhongxin of the day made ​​Xu Yongsheng, "has been a very popular interview program, there is no thought, as the idol is 'I am singer' which show good one?" Sensitive issues. So Xu Yongsheng said, "not like that, always had to do a lot of very good friends" "My strength is now less than it seems."
In addition, delivery day, the Xu Yongsheng debut female artist at the beginning and the fact that the initial contact has been certified to attract people's attention.
When asked Xu Yongsheng that idol who sang in the best, he said, "beast Liang Yaoxie the most prominent. Shinee bell-hyun seems to sing well." Idols of the younger generation who hit points. Liu Yin said, "as you can within the five, right?" Xu Yongsheng said, "In that case just fine." Until the end of the program, have been kept modest.

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[News] SS501's Kim Hyung Jun Remembers Park Yong Ha (1st years RIP anniversary)[30.06.11]

Today, marks the one year anniversary of the passing of Korea’s beloved actor and singer Park Yong Ha. His suicide on this day was a shock to us and a heartbreak to millions all over the world. SS501‘s youngest member, Kim Hyung-joon, was even more heartbroken over the loss of his dear friend and confidant. The singer tweeted a message to his friend in honor of his memory.

“Yong Ha, you were the one who always strengthened, treasured, and loved me.Today, is the one year anniversary of your death. We may not be together right now. However, you will always remain in my heart, as well as, in the hearrts of all the people [who loved you].I [will always] love you. Please enjoy yourself in heaven and contine to watch over me. I will never forget you for as long as I live.”

What would you like to say to Park Yong Ha?

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Kim Hyun Joong loves talking about ex-girlfriends with Bae Yong Joon

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Korean singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong, revealed in a korean programme recently that he has very close relationship with Bae Yong Joon. At the same, he revealed that he enjoy talking about ex-girlfriends with Bae Yong Joon the most.
Taiwan ‘LianHeBao’ updated with korean media report, Kim Hyun Joong attended KBS TV ‘Entertainment Relay’ for his new album promortion. In the show, he admitted that his reponsibilities grew a lot after flying solo as compared to SS501 days, ‘one person has to dance 5 people’s dance, in the last 4 month, i have been practicing dancing non-stop’.
Kim Hyun JOong also unveils that he loves to play soccer a lot, as for the question ’3 major things in life’, he said ‘debut, first solo album and signing contract with other agencies.’ Stating that these are the most important 3 things in his life right now.
He, who is under the same agency as Bae Yong Joon, also reveals that he loves talking about ex-girlfriends with each other, ‘however, i can be single, but Yong Joon hyung please do not be single!’ Causing a lot of laughters after this sentence.

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