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Lie to Me ep 5 (eng Sub)

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(Vid) (01.06.11) KIM HYUN JOONG "PLEASE" M/V

[VIDEO] Kim Hyung Jun – HK FM [17.07.11] Live Tour Greeting

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong- Hanryu Pia TV Japan [Final]

(Vid) (01.06.11) Kyu Jong on " Musical Palace/Goong Charm" Cut Part 1 s.d 4 by SHOCHIKUch

(Fun Photo) (31.05.11) Hyung Jun @ Z:IN Eco Healthy Event by HK Triples

(New) (01.06.11) Kim Hyun Joong same course was praised very hard (Figure)

Kim Hyun same course was praised very hard (Figure)
South Korean popular singer Kim Hyun Joong, will be held next month, South Korea, Hong Kong, China and Japan simultaneously released solo album "Break Down", their new song "Please" MV Genghen hit 200 million won ($ 180,000) shooting.

He will step into the age of 26, actually 19 years old Korean pop idols, "SS501" debut as captain, buthad for the music career in high school drop-out. And he changed the original concept in March to transfer management Planning Performing Arts Division, also notice that he will follow the example of people quit last year of the new brokerage company boss Bae, paving the way for the future into thebusiness.
Kim Hyun Joong acting career junior year when the leave of absence for the sprint, then test throughhigh school graduation exam, five years ago to enter South Korea Kyonggi University student, but not both academic and work transferred to South Korea this year, he staged Yun University, Department of Business Planning to regain the book.

And Kim Hyun Joong's agency recently said that although the school in Seoul, about 150 km away from the far South Chungcheong Province, but Kim Hyun Joong is still hard classes, most recently just finished midterms. Source:

[Video+ Photo](1.06.11) Kim Hyun Joong on Strong Heart "King of Kings" Teaser

(Photo) (31.05.11) Kyu Jong and Kru Musical Goong By Women themselves

[Photo+Fancam-HYS] (110531) HYS fansign at Synnara Incheon by (Best Friend +Madeleine)

(Video)(31.05.11) K-pop Wrap-up!! Super Junior, Kim Hyun-joong [Pops in Seoul] by Korea"s Global TV Arirang

【FanMade】5월25일 발매 「WaraWara THE PARK JUNGMIN」

【Notes) (31.05.11) Park Jung Min "SS501 ... Rush supernova Hallyu in Japan!"

East of the earthquake victims, "Care of the Heart " was launched for the "Friend's Whistle!" (flute Tomodachi) attended the kickoff event of the project SS501 Park Jung (24). 25 days this month, was released in Korea in April Tears, sung in Japanese mini-album] so through all the songs [Wara Wara THE, PARK JUNGMIN released. "I wrote all of my Japanese version.'m looking forward to try one of their songs than listening to Korean and Japanese songs (laughs). "

(Scans] (31.05.11) Jung Min – 韩流トラベラー

[Fun Cam+Media Photo] (31.05.11) Kim HYun Joong – FC MEN Peace Star Cup [Cr: Hyuniversal, Xports News , Sport World & KHJ PERFECT)

Woooaaaahhhh…… today he is be MVP score 3 : 2 by the way look at the picture HOPE he will fine nothing hurt….coz his comeback stage coming soon….!!!!