Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

[Trans+Photo]Park Jung Min On Malaysia's Newspaper [Chinapress] "He Wish To Open A Coffee Shop For His Parent"

Trans + Photo Credit:@MY_1022


I hope this year can have more chance to have meals that cooked by my mum! My mum is a nutrition,she is well is cooking and my favorite foods are what she has cooked!

But, this years im still works more at oversea, include promote Taiwan drama 'Sugarcake Garden' on January, release Japanese album on February; till April i will back to Korea for firming Korea drama and release Korean album, thus, i think i have not much time for my family members.

My largest dream is to own a piece of land then build a coffee house on it and stay there with my parents! Actually im the largest asset for myself, i need to invest on myself, just like work hard in exercise, so that i can gain more others wealthiness.



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