Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

(News) Kim Hyun-ranked show focuses on the highest rate of internet voting,

Singer Kim Hyun Joong, hot popularity has not been extinguished.

Kim Hyun-25 start focusing on statistics "click music star" 7 statistics in the middle of the fifth week to get 37.1% support for top spot the past two weeks has been the top of Kim Hyun Joong, more than 28 are in second place ZhangYouHe high of 6.5%, hold the top spot for three consecutive weeks. Strong hit song "Break Down" and then the sweet "kiss kiss", Kim Hyun Joong, did not stop the run with.

Kim Hyun-ranked show focuses on the highest rate of internet voting, the higher ZhangYouHe more than 1,000 votes in the overall rankings on the top of the list. Away last week MBLAQ ZhangYouHe second place, the votes of more than 2,000 higher than the MBLAQ reversed. Jang Woo Hyuk to "weekend night" started its activities, MBLAQ by the "Mona Lisa" to get popular in the.

"Click music star" is a weekly internet voting (50%), audio sales (30%), the number of messages (20%) comprehensive statistics of popular singers. The survival of the fittest in the form of an integrated 2-bit next week's rankings automatically TOP10, the remaining eight will be selected audio volume too much.

By (http://musicstar.sportsseoul.com/) in "click music satar" vote.

As of July, the fifth week of voting in at 0:00 on August 1. For comments and voting by drawing lots of fans sent MBLAQ signature music CD and bugs download coupons.

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