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[Trans] Park Jung Min - 8Gatsu No Love Song PressCon Interview [20.07.11]

Press Conference of 八月のラヴソング

Park JungMin and Miki Sakai held a completion announcement interview of "八月のラヴソング".

Park JungMin and Miki Sakai who acted a Love Story like "K-POP star and Japanese housewife falls in love" in a drama "八月のラヴソング" (Director:Kentaro Otani) held d a completion announcement interview at the Tokyo International Forum Hall A.

This interview was held before a event "UN-OHRLLS UN-Friend's Whistle! Act for Tomorrow! Vol.2". showed before 3000 guests for the event.2 of them showed that they are a perfect pair.

Miki Sakai said "山田明日花(Asuka Yamada) who's I played is housewife and work as a accounting in the record office.Asuka an ordinary life but suddenly into love like accident. since it's such a deployment to have butterflies, want you watch it enjoying"

Park JungMin's role is popular K-POP artist Park JungMin.He said in fluent Japanese "This time, I played as role that's very hard to play *laughs* it's 1st time to work as a actor in Japan, I could different experience, it's became precious memories".

And said "I thought like how's this story? whether could it possible?But as the shooting progressed, I thought this story is possible." Then fans in the venue booed.He played with fans with words like "Don't allow? So, don't *laughs*".

The theme song of this drama "君色(kimi-iro: Your Color)" is sing by Park JungMin. And lyrics wrote by himself.Said "Wrote drama's story in it".

Like the drama's contents, press asked "how bout love with older women?" and he replied "personally I attracted more older women.But think age has nothing to do with love."

JungMin said to fans with big smile, "you can enjoy if you watch the drama as you think you're a Miki-chan's role.and, everyone. please be shining forever."

At the press Interview after the conference, they showed episode like "both of us are really sweat person. so every scene we shake hands, we apologize to each other *laughs*"

And he replied to question "how do you think about Japanese women?" as "I like *laughs* voice.voice that's like out from the nose are very cute."

KDDI presents movie contents service for user of au(japanese mobile company) "LISMO Drama!".dramas they out for young are almost for young. but this time, new drama "八月のラヴソング" (http://lismo-drama.jp/) is for adult woman with story like "one night love of K-POP star and Japanese housewife". from 5th August, can watch from au's mobile or smartphone in every Friday.

credit: エンタメコリア
english: hiromi@MinMaldays

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