Senin, 25 Juli 2011

10725_ News Kim Hyun Joong "A pink, vibrant lovely!

Singer Kim Hyun Joong said, like the girl group Apink.

Kim Hyun Joong to participate in SBS radio powerFM "Zheng Shanxi's night today," said the woman let their heart combination Apink. Kim Hyun Joong in the program broke the news of their favorite music and some stories about music. Kim Hyun Joong said recently often listen to the song is a combination of female 2NE1 "most popular", the stage will often see 2NE1 very powerful.

In Zheng Shanxi asked women choose a favorite combination, Kim Hyun Joong, said bluntly, "a program of live performances to see Apink a member of the practice on the stage dressed in school uniform look, really energetic, very cute!"

Kim Hyun Joong also said "I love the last 5 months!" Also candidly reveal their ideal type and love here.

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