Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

(Trans) Park Jung Min 4second Kiss Scene in LISMO Drama News

SS501 member Park Jung Min starred in the Japanese portable phone LISMO Drama "8 ? Love Song" and starred.

In addition, the most striking, is about to open the "4 seconds magic" Kiss scene. And in the actress Miki Sakai with breathing "4 seconds Kiss show," Park Jung Min said with a smile, "for a long time did not kiss in the play, and a little nervous to shake the feeling ~"

Related companies, said "In South Korea, Japan and China Circle have high popularity of Park Jung Min in the end of the album's promotional tour after the event, will go to Taiwan shooting, but to Taiwan before the Japanese to foreign artists capacity as lead, still have considerable great sense of expectation "and that" the full file of the schedule is still smiling until all work is completed, and has been appreciated by the staff. "

"August Love Song" scheduled from August 5, run every Friday from a total of four episodes.

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