Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

110719_ (News Japan) Park Jung Min Prescon @ flow of theater LIMOS

SS501 Park Jung Min, Jun starred in Japan not long ago by the director Kentaro Otani Miki Sakai as the female lead and the flow of theater LIMOS <August Love Song>, and fans together with the 4000 news conference.

Yesterday, at Tokyo International Forum held UN Concert (Friend's Whistle! Act for Tomorrow! Vol.2) prior to this correspondent conference, Park Jung Min exceptionally entertaining 4000 fans join, this is the first time such a large scale.

In the first starring drama, Japanese strength and his outstanding acting, so that fans and the media are very concerned for the Park Jung Min.

The manager's side said, "Now, through < span=""> Love Song>, received a lot of Japanese TV shows and movies with stakeholders and the casting producer conferences. In any case, all seems to be looking with great strength and Japanese acting person, such as Park Jung Min-jun. to <August Love Song> first appeared in Japan's Park Jung Min-jun, it seems that the actor's identity is gradually more people watching. "

Reporters after the conference at UN Concert in Park Jung Min sang his song "If you can not", "Not Alone", "you know?", "Wara Wara", and in the public arena for the first time publicly that he I personally watched lyrics of the song < span=""> Love Song> OST 'Jun-color', therefore, whether the fans or the presence of each, all of Park Jung Min to extend my greatest applause and cheers.

At Friends of UN activities, one does not fall to participate in singing fundraising Park Jung Min, complete TV series and movies in Japan after visiting the media color will return to South Korea. Then, will participate in another TV series starring Taiwan is expected to show their handsome acting.<><>

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