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Park Jung Min – Exclusive Interview by Asian-Hana

Q how does it feel to film with Sakai?
The shooting was very happy. Although it started from a kiss at the aquarium, but she is tender-hearted, also jokes with me, so become good friends fast. Her acting is very natural, i learnt a lot.

Q In this drama, wants to escape reality with female, what about Jung Min ssi’s real situation?
Until 2 person know they love each other, its too passive. Scared of accident and cowardness causing me to lose confidence. Then, taking a girl out for a date is very refreshing.

Q What’s the key point for ‘wanting to start a relationship with her’ ?
Humorous, able to laugh with me. If can understand and shows concern toward my jon will be even better.

Q What’s the image of this role?
I think this role, is a more arrogant celebrity, so i just acted that way.

Q What kind of role do you want to try next time?
Want to try one that do not talk much, but just use eyes to act. A ninja or a killer.

Q In korea and in Japan, what’s the difference in filming?
Its faster in Korea, but in Japan its slower, but the film came out very nicely. As for this drama, the most beauutiful scene was at the aqaurium. The aquarium chosen this time, i have been there before during my long stay in Japan, missing it.

Q The plot revolves around a celebrity that wants to get out of entertainment industry, but has this thought ever occured to Jung Min?
No. Although its busy sometimes, but i would work hard. Family and fans always say ‘Fighting’ to me, giving me the energy to carry on.

Q What’s the highlight of the show?
As its the role that i have never acted in before, so please anticipate Jung Min’s acting.
This Summer, JungMin’s mom cooked Ginseng Chicken soup for him and the staff, no wonder he is so energetic, attention cannot be removed from him!

(my own summarised version)
Female – married for 5 years, works in an album production company, 34 years old.
Lives a regular life, until High popularity kpop celebrity Park Jung Min’s appearance. With depressed Jung Min who ran out from the recording studio. Because of things that happened out of expectations, wanting to escape the reality.

‘I do not know what’s like, but i will not give you to others’

■ LISMO Drama!《August Love Song》will air from 5th August to 26th August, 4 eps in total

Title:LISMO Drama!《August Love Song》
Theme song :「君色」Park Jung Min (involved with lyrics too)
Production team :STUDIO SWAN(C&I)『Paradise‧Kiss』『MW-ムウ-』『ただ、君を爱してる』

source : asian-hana.com
eng trans by babyvfan (only JM related part is translate)
Repost: babyvfan

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