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TRANS NEWS)Park Jung Min – Drama Press Con Clarification "8 Gatsu no Love Song" 日官公告关於《8月恋曲》记者会声明

from - Japan official site
Trans by Yukiko @ PJMFC
repost with full credit

First of all, thank you always for the government should aid people filling Min.

In view of one on July 18 at the "August Story" press conference related stories, so we support the government's concern with Min, and we apologize.

In addition, about half-way press conference Politics Min withdrew the statement, fanclub and the Company have switched to make a statement to the media, and in order to convey to you the fact that the development of press conference the day after, the following description of the.

Press conference began, it was originally for Sakai Miki san, Min, and Otani government oversight questions, and then start from a Sakai san a question about Japanese women's issues.

Sakai san in the middle of the interview, because the venue was too hot and sweat more than lead, political Min communication with staff after they step down temporarily wipe and simple makeup.

At the same time press conference scene, it is then interviewed by the supervision, Min is the political makeup is completed return to the stage waiting for the opportunity. At this point, a media correspondent and supervision of Sakai san said "(though not political Min) Let's take pictures!", This current affairs Min mouth "can not! (Sakai san is) I have to guard it!" Side returned to the scene . For his sudden surprise, but soon to know if political Min brought you a sense of humor, laughter filled the venue while the press conference also continues.

These are the whole process.

A government report said Min phrase "I can not" is no Japanese women's champion, is joined aversion notebook personal preference, and I want to say he was vastly different.

However, because of all stakeholders is not present, such action does not cut the lead to misunderstandings, political Min I also deeply reflect over. Fortunately, a powerful media day gathering were also able to understand.

In the future, ready for the government's food aid should have Min Do not worry, later participated in the activities will be more careful attention.

The company hopes to support the government together with the rice Min subsequent events, please continue for the assistance he should.

Yamaha president
Junichi corner well

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