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Park Jung Min – ‘feels that reality is different, wants to fall in love’

source : bntnews
eng trans : babyvfan
Park Jung Min wrote the lyrics for his songs in solo album, leaving a deep impression to other musicians. Also, he wrote the song lyrics of ‘kiss’ for Ranibow.
‘Rainbow’s kiss is a song wrote back in trainee period. 9 years ago, as a teenage girl with lots of emotions. Now thinking of it, feels it was well written too.’
He has gradually established his role as a musican since the involvment of ‘Loveholics’. Especially the song ‘Only Me’ which is published overseas, has gained lots of attention.
‘Only Me is a troubled piece. Like a poem, illustraing the stars and skies, it came out one day before the recording while humming. ‘thinking of you is only me’ also represents the love story of a sunflower.’
Using ownself experience to write lyrics, popular song ‘only me’ tells a heartbroken story but unable to let go. Although it differs from his usual image, but Park Jung Min expresses that when he wrote the lyrics, he was fully immersed in it.
‘As till now, the ability to compose lyrics is not bad. But, this needs lots of experience, writing based on imagination is hard.’ I also want to write lyrics in Japanese, but because there is a need to know a lot of words for writing ballad songs, seems like there’s more japanese phrases to be learnt.’
Altough need to show a lot of feeling, for him who cannot live without imagination and reality, he wishes for fall in love.
‘i like interesting people. I mean, when i laugh, able to laugh alone. For people i have met, there’s no one of this interesting. However, my friends have many of those kind.’
Although at times will think of becoming lovers with friend, but thats just imagination. In reality, there’s nothing besides working hard to stablise oneself and perfect the image. As only born now, thus will fly higher than others.
“Its only been a year or so. Solo activities have become easy. To be honest, when as a group, there are times i feel lazy. Now is an important time to develop all. Especially after solo activities, the stage is all to myself, i need to have more energy boost.”
Now it has begun. For Jung Min who is exceeding the musican and actor circle, this is the right time to prove his own potential and ability.
In the meanwhile, He will be going to taiwan in late July. Lismo drama will air from 5th August.
It is just the matter of number of days before Jung Min gains the attention from fans around the world with his increasing charisma, hard works and an amazing stage.

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