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[Scan + Trans] Jung Min – Priew Magazine

Credit: (Scans + English translation) K-xeiti @ Onlymin.com

Park Jung Min ‘Not Alone First Fan Party’

At the couch, in the middle of the room
When we first step into the room Jung Min welcomed us with a big smile which is like the sun shining in the afternoon, followed by saying ‘Sawasdeekab’
His personality as a guy who always be cheerful looks totally different from Jung Min in his first single MV ‘Not Alone’, smart and strong. And later after we talked to him, we found out that he still be the same Park Jung Min who is now having fun with practicing Thai language. Because of his charm, there are no doubts why there were so many fans waiting for his arrival at the airport even though the time has already passed midnight when he arrived.
‘All Thai fans has been very nice to me, they made me feel warm, well I can say that it is very hot as the weather here (laugh) I felt very happy and really want all my fans to be happy also.’ He guarantees his impression to Thai fans again with a smile on his face.
Jung Min gained his popularity as a member of boy band group SS501, which is quite famous in many countries in Asia namely Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand. Recently, he released his first solo album which shows that he has already fulfilled another step of his dream. Even though he has to stand alone on the stage, but he passed it without fear, that is because he always has a good back up which are his fans who always gave a lot of support and always stand beside him.
‘I was really excited and worried with my first solo album. It is a challenge and also the beginning of new experiences. It gave me more confident but I also have so many things that I have to put more effort on it. I actually been involved in many process while making this album, I composed three songs in this album by myself, which I had the inspiration from my own experiences and my everyday life. The postponed of album release date gave me more time to look back and in order to release the single album I had to work harder. But when the result turned out good, I am really appreciated.’
‘Not Alone the Album’
Jung Min has introduced his new album to us which already released three singles. Started with ‘Not Alone’ the single has gained lot of popularity and made his first solo album become the only Korean album which got the first position on the top of Taiwan’s Chart.
‘This song it doesn’t mean that I am a lonely guy even though it talking about loneliness. This song says that no one is alone because we all become one. So I sing this song in order to make every one feel that they are not alone.’
Continue with the 2nd single ‘Do you know’. The lyrics of this song is asking someone that do you know you are my special person and another one is the song which called ‘Everyday is a Christmas day’ a song with relaxing tone, and the meaning that everyday could turn to be a Christmas day just to see someone you love. This could be the feeling his fans had when they get to see him.
The exclusive thing about this album beside the mature looks of Jung Min, the songs also has a stronger sound effect, there is the combined of Orchestra and Rock music. Which shows out his openness and sincerity to his fans, but still it also contained sweet point which is the logo of Park Jung Min.
‘If you ask where my charm is? (He really took quite a long time to think) I really don’t know, probably my fans could tell best. But I do agree with then when they said my cheerful and friendly personalities are my charm. There is one thing I wanted every one to remember about me, there is nothing complicated, I just wanted everyone to remembered me as a guy name Park Jung Min and that is all’
Jung Min in ordinary days
‘I just moved into a new house, so besides listening to the music I also interesting in some kind of furniture and house decoration. I love to walk around the mall buying new furniture, this is also my hobby. Also there is a series filming in Taiwan, the character I got is completely difference from who I am. It is very challenging, please wait and support my series. Lastly, please also support my first solo album. I really worked hard on it. And to those Thai fans who always support me, please continue doing it. Make your noise go across the border to Korea, where I live.’
…to make this guy, Park Jung Min feel that he is not alone.

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