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[Trans][Article][110823] Luna-KyuJong, Making Their Drama Debut in TV조선(CSTV)'s Drama Production

Source: Nate (via: SS601)
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/ 东方5AS1)
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f(x)'s Luna and SS501's Kim KyuJong will be challenging in a drama for the first time.

Luna & Kim KyuJong are both selected for the CSTV drama production 'Saving Mrs GoBongsil' that will be kicking off soon in the later half of this year, working alongside with the senior actors Kim Haesuk, Cheon Hojin, Dok Goyeong and many more.

The writer for 'Saving Mrs GoBongsil', Park Eunryeong have also written the script for the dramas 'The Girl Next Door', 'A Second Proposal', 'Thank You, My Life', with the director of 'The Legend', 'The Dance In The Sky', 'Tamna the Island', 'Birdie Buddy', Yoon Sangho.

Actress Kim Haesuk will be the lead cast acting as Mrs. Go Bongsil. According to a representative of 'Saving Mrs. Go Bongsil', it is a story filled with intenseness adding a sense of humour in it, revealing the senior actors' professional acting skills and the rookies as a backup force, with the new fresh looks of idols who are challenging the acting industry. 

What's special is, although Luna and Kim KyuJong have both revealed their singing and acting skills through the musicals that they had participated, it is still their first time making their debut in a drama,  gathering many viewers that are highly anticipating for their first acting challenge.

On the other hand, 'Saving Mrs. Go Bongsil' will start their first shooting in mid September. 

P/S: There might be inaccuracy in translation, if spotted any, please feel free to tell me ^^.


Oh my god! Although it's just a guesting, I'm still expecting for this drama. Seems like it's a busy month for Kyu, he is making his comeback on September, musical & drama too! I guess Kyu have finally fulfilled his dream! 

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