Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

(News) Kim Hyun Joong Taipei "is love JK", dream lover "Jolin Tsai

His popularity, both events lead to a thousand onlookers, the moving gauge painted bad, traffic chaos, paralysis Itabashi, Hsimenting street, pushing the outbreak of conflict, the media, he was the sun to thermal blooming, straight, said: "Taiwan Weather with the same passion the fans, yesterday I ate dumplings, but a good hot drink pearl milk tea. "

He also accepted Wu Jianheng interview, described the hearts of the ideal girl on condition that "looks good, not exaggerated form, with the affinity of the girl next door", the program asked him from Shu Qi, S, Jolin Tsai, peace of mind and Sonia Asian facial features, put together dream the lover looks, his pick for a long time, in addition to Sonia nose, the forehead profile all Cai, brokers responded, they did not touched surfaces, thank him for his support.

He loves spicy food, famous, Wu Jianheng desktop sent a jar of chili sauce, he elated, a look at packaging also said South Korea Taiwan fans sent home, he will add instant noodles to eat Korean, very delicious, "If you pass the customs too , will be brought back to Korea to eat. "

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