Selasa, 23 Agustus 2011

[Photo+Fancam] 110823 kim hyun joong Breakdown High-5 Event inBangkok, Thailand (Cr: PINGBOOK ENTERTAINMENT)

August 23, 2554 at 17:30 am at Eden Park, Central World, Bangkok press conference after their debut album BREAK DOWN singer / actress Kim Hyun-jung, traveled to Central World to join the "KIM HYUN JOONG 2011 THE 1ST HIGH. FIVE PARTY in BANGKOK "The Thai fans look forward to it, Kim Hyun-jung, a close
In this winner of 500 people will do with Kim Hyun Joong and they will be expected to touch the hands of Kim Hyun Joong to stage one, which is more than a 500 people. through them. I have a chance to bend the purchase of a CD album, Break Down the High Five will receive a card with multiple numbers. That the number of its own to win a 1 in 500 people will attend High Five Party or not, and when it's time for everyone to wait. Kim Hyun Joong's Thai fans will be disappointed. I walked out with my sweet smile for fans. With all of your questions and feel that the return to Thailand again.
After talking to the interviewer. Gold winners, it's time to get up to 500 people a hand up closely with one of Kim Hyun Joong. The voices scream with envy of fans around as well. Kim Hyun Jung in his service, and I do not disappoint my fans I appreciate all the non-stop. The fans can carry the impression back home full. Kim Hyun Joong is so impressed with my memories of coming to Thailand for his first solo album as a solo artist with Universal.

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