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110828_Translation Kim Kyu Jong Interview playDB magazine professionals

The first time in life from the "SS501" of the fence to "Kim Kyu Jong," the name the first step. Is full of "all you will give up" the withdrawal period met the musical heart, is to once again ponder "no regrets challenge" motto is grateful to encounter. Kim Kyu-minute life as an actor the most recent, in order to "unconditionally every effort" approach to adjust the tension in the blade, the "I" of self-confidence to reduce the heavy burden of preparing the musical "Palace."

Musical "Palace", the Crown Prince

Q: "Palace," the first performances in Japan started it.
Very worried before the premiere early ah. But after the early performances out of actors who just say "feeling good" Oh. Chatted about the topic of tickets sold out very satisfied. But in the end of the premiere audience reaction when it is really good. Our performances are 1200 seats where the scale of the Kyoto Kabuki theater, performances are very long games, and in the performance stage where performances, performances that come to market FAN ah ah have a lot of it viewers. In particular, grandfather, grandmother audience many, many stories have been moving some of the royal family was moved to tears then. At that time, "touched the hearts of the audience," the idea on my mind a HUO Di.

Q: there is "no Korean STAR Kim Kyu minutes, then the action will not overseas FAN" This evaluation yet.Musical, "House" is already through the previous comics, TV series known works that also played an important role in ah. Also said "on behalf of Korean singer" TVXQ 'U-know Yunho had performed called the "Palace" works in the' SS501 'Kim Kyu clock out "part of it. (Kim) Hyun Joong brother asked, "musical play in Japan was smooth it?", Say "sold out performances of, but is about 1200 seats, not large-scale performance stage," then got "it really powerful Yeah, good experience, powerful ah "and praised it. And members only 3,4 million people in the field of large-scale performances in the show too, the performances of other types of games do not feel thing. Back to Korea after the people that understand the "powerful Yeah, congratulations," when we come back with, "wow, did a good thing" feeling. A good mood then.
"IDOL singer, I have to know what role is played"
Q: For the IDOL singer entered the musical unfriendly eyes, which also has the burden of it.No matter, really nothing, like I do not think I was selected on the grounds that there is excellent power and performance strength sing ah. Tickets IDOL singer's appeal is also being considered. I want to play good place hope on the role of the most basic is the premiere practice, to promote the "Palace" is also possible to do an interview. However, recent work IDOL singer is really fully prepared. Really intense, very difficult. Because those friends do not cause injuries like IDOL.
Q: more than you care about the musical?Like performances. Also seen a lot of college theater, musicals. Amanda watched her sister play-hyun's "Aida", but "outrageous, how can people be like? Because Ock-hyun seems to be able to." And (Park Jung Min "GREASE" it. "You play how to play music?", And then really did a great job ah. But he said every day, "said than done, said than done, sad to say, ah," thought "ah, do not play musical of" it. In fact the "Palace", too, received many musical proposal, although "as a FAN I would seriously look at," but definitely, definitely not play. Do not know how to do this ah.

Q: The reason is that the idea of ​​change?
Many people told me to try TV, movies. But accepted in the magnificent acting classes for singing and dancing under the light of people, in a quiet place to perform will feel uneasy, the "ah, I seem to do well," unable to adapt to the idea offensive. On behalf of said, "I want to prepare to sing album", the answer is "if you play better." Long time since the end of that sentence, there is music obtained if the musical performance, then the burden seems to be less conclusion. However, I am more afraid of a musical. Almost a half months are do not like. Then began to think, "Do not do that, try to get interested," now really done very happy.

Q: a work that first choice the "Palace" What is the reason?
Initially because of the "Palace" of the story is very interesting, the fact that performances in Japan is also very attractive ah. Crown Prince of the Republic of Korea the opportunity to stand on stage in Japan when there will be ah. (Laughs) in Kyoto on behalf of the Republic of Korea on stage so that the most honorable position to attract.

Q: is U-know Yunho had performed the works of it.
Been identified as the role of Lee, after the letter, made ​​with Brother Yun-ho, "I really feel very embarrassed," the message. Brother replies, "good doing it and you now believe Lee ah." Ah, there is such determination, then feel it. Yunho brother strong, CHARISMA radiance, and I the opposite. Show when it played with the first letter of a different style of Lee it.

Q: sum up the advantages of the musical bar.To achieve a "IDOL singer," the dream, into a "what to do after I" trouble. And the members scattered around, the company also made a separate more detailed thinking. To start learning the other, or rest a few years, or painting, or try a new dream .... Like quite much, in fact nothing line ah. Disquietude, fear. At that time because the people around, members recommended the musical play was to begin. Before receiving the television proposal also feel afraid to say "do it over some time, some of it perfectly prepared," but now it is said "to do it, give it a try." So I can do it again interested in the musical.
Q: SS501 members' response?In fact, compared to recommendations put it up is "incredible", "difficult" case. Speech and speech (DRC) Hyung Jun's works seems to have the same fun. Like "CAFEIN" interesting work, like styles. Hyung Jun's time to see performances very surprised, "how did the child so well?."
Q: SS501 is also known as "the concept of DOL" it.All that is not the bad part of the modest bar. Activities, "you have ambition, others applaud the success of the drum is enough? Have ambitions," but also endure a lot of training. (Laughs) is not useful to reward popular vote phone ARS thing to do, we do not have to waste on that telephone charges FANS Oh. 100,200 won for each call that out in terms of young friends is not a small number. Because it is not one or two but has been voting. So there as saying "Do not do" and by some staff complained that this is the case why have the time for it.
Q: Wait SS501 album a lot of people do.Than 501 albums, and now seems to be more important accumulation of personal activities respective strengths. After we fit the time, no one can beat us, resorted to that kind of power come. 501 albums considered next year or so.
Q: There are musical like it?Read (Guo) good British sister played "Find Jinzhong Xu," really interesting. Like "CAFEIN" as a bit childish, but also want to play that role.
Q: Are there future goals and direction you.Musical, "House" staged in the grand end of the domestic like. Poor rating does not matter, to a lot of care ah. (Laughs) former "IDOL singers," they are always not good enough. 4 to 5 years seems to show the practice has been so little things. Feel sorry for the FANS. Now if I want to show the timing of the arrival of it. Now that acting, singing is really great, very valuable but also very interesting ah. But also a better understanding of just how intense effort. Now is the time to show me, so you want to take through the present.

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