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[News] Yonsama [BYJ] & Little Yonsama [KHJ] both to appear in dramas next year

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[Entertainment Powerman] KEYEAST CEO Yang Geun Hwan “catches Hallyu Wave”
Original news article by: Sports Chosun
Pic: also by Sports Chosun
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In an interview, (former) CEO of Key East, Mr Yang Geun Hwan (in pic), reveals that Bae Yong Joon will be appearing in a drama next year, after an almost 5 year-hiatus from the small screen. Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong will only be focusing on his singer’s activities this year, and will only start filming a new drama by next spring.
We have chosen only to translate the part of the interview/news article that relates to KHJ.
[Mr Yang Geun Hwan of KeyEast]

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