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Choi Siwon (Choi Si Won) and Super Junior. My friends in the band, heavy on the 'Strong Heart'.

August 23 on SBS 'Strong Heart' was Dong Hae Leeteuk and Siwon Kyuhyun's disclosure in his story. 'Serious Man' is a little behind.

Choi Siwon, the narrative of his favorite actor Jung Woo Sung is "He's like a living picture book. If it took me to her with his book bag to me as my children's book, "previously worked with Siwon Choi Jung Woo Sung in the drama 'ATHENA', then, sure enough.

Choi Siwon said, "When I first looked at him his eyes, I stressed to me" and "When I had to say. 'But it was probably' Then he asked me in a soft voice. 'Take a life before, "he said, appreciated the charm of his book bag.

Siwon says: "When I shot him once ATHENA a call came to me saying that. 'I'm drinking wine, he will come or not? "He told his post" and "I think that In the early stages of filming, this is a chance that we will close up. I hurried to find him at the post. I see him as a black silhouette, like Michael Angelo, it is very cool, "he told an impression.

He said, "he said. 'Siwon's coming soon' and I told him that. 'It fits the Italians do it,' he said in a very straightforward, "adds," but the words he used, it does not look like ordinary people too. If a normal person would say 'thanks' for me, but it was very beautiful, he said,' It is a country with a long history in Italy, probably ... I have not heard. This is the story of life before 'I think he'll like it, "he said with admiration.

The Dong Hae was added. "When life before he shot her ATHENA Jung Woo Sung, but it's not. 'He was very charming. Not play me like 'what is this "extra" that one day I entered the room, saw him look in the mirror is a very serious and Siwon said,' Dong Hae here, it 'is stressed by it. " said, "Siwon say. 'I think I'm attractive or not, he asked me, "added," I answered frankly. 'I will not,' If I were a woman I do not like it, 'I replied to this. In my sincerity. "

Said, "He was angry with me for 5 days and then eat it all, but these" extra "when I say that's not surfing. I love to shoot something like this, he replied, 'It's no charm I do not get it', Siwon Americano, a drink, he said, 'ฉันไม่มีเสน่ห์ไม่กินอ่ะ' "he put his life or sit quietly.

Kang Ho Dong said. You Siwon irritable or Dong Hae said, "irritable, but if there's anything to speak out frankly on" Leeteuk added, "but I frankly they have a lot of it" and "the debut muscle of Siwon is very similar to my horse. My manager told him that. 'I really like a horse' ".

For this reason, the period from beat two to beat the fifth day, life before the fall into a situation thinking that you came to Leeteuk and said, 'I like it I like horses, I probably' do well. sequence.

On the subject of Kyuhyun Siwon was released today said. "I liked my life before my very special. When he saw I would say, 'Come hug me come kiss me,' What is this "extra" one time, he would say 'Kyuhyun said about it that I love most in the' I '. I 'i? Oh .. I know something '. "

Said, "There is one day, he said. 'I love is that much of the' So I go to 'think in the first 3 on my "extra" but as soon as it was, he was a true strain, then he stood up with me. I'm sure. 'Why is not one of the' I was very serious, I was shocked, "Kyuhyun story amid the laughter of the people in this room.

Dong Hae is also the story continues. He said earlier about her life before the one where he was advised to try to find a hobby is photography. After a few weeks. There was one day while he was in the car to move to other activities. He looked at the moon not sighted, then say "but it's very sad to see the moon."

Dong Hae I asked, "Why?" Siwon said, "because the moon is the same as I shook my heart," he took aim at a framework like my photos. Then he told me the car park. When he went down to the front of the jacket and point to the moon with it. "She was my so called" Laughter in the studio a lot.

Kang Ho Dong and ask. "Then you think you are handsome or not," he was, "I never thought anything like that even once I really" he replied modestly, Kang Ho Dong added, "So if that happens, you want to be Eun Hong Kong. perfect or "Siwon replied," Eunhyuk looks as though the final It's very good at it, "a laugh a lot.
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