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[Diary501] Kim Kyu Jong ☆ 2007.08.01 Kokoro ☆ [01.08.11]

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English Translation : xiaochu @


Hi hi.. ^^

Now is.. 1st August evening..!!

Is everyone eating their dinner on time ! Not go skipping meals for diets right !!

Is everyone doing well? ^^

The memory of debuting in Japan with Kokoro single on 1st August 2007 came upon me suddenly..

It seems like just yesterday, time really flies isn’t it ?!^^

With unfamiliar Japanese language, we recorded our songs and practiced choreography, we were frustrated as we don’t speak the same language.. heehee

Now, everyone is fluent and good in Japanese ^^ Really praiseworthy heehee

At that time, we had to trouble our translator with fan letters in Japanese given by fans~ Now we are able to read!!

Yoohoo!! ^^ heehee The fan letters given by fans were a great help in studying Japanese~~

Album went on sale and when all our members saw our name on the chart in the first week, we screamed and was happy..^^ heehee

I still remember it now !! The expressions of our members with their eyes wide in shock..^^!!

And for the next single, we heard the ranking via phone and YoungSaeng hyung and I were overjoyed in the train and

The other members were overjoyed in the dorm and recording studio, and we screamed over the phone !!

Hurray hurray !! Like this !!~~

Thank you for giving us loud laughs and happiness and joy at that time~~

Triple S hurray..^^

It is raining a lot these days, and there were a lot of damages.. I am worried if everyone is fine..

I heard it is also raining a lot in Japan.. I wonder if everyone is fine .. ^^!!

Hmm hmm !! After the rain always comes the warm and bright sunlight!!

Let’s not frown and cheer up everyone ~~ he ~

Pretties!! August has started!!

Aja Aja!! The August that our HyeongJin likes, somehow feels like it will be filled with good things~

Now slowly…^^ I must get started..!! Yoohoo~~

Today’s good advice!!

He that can have patience can have what he will..
-Benjamin Franklin-

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