Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

110815_ News Hyun Joong - end of tour concert in Taiwan

"Korean Little King" Kim Hyun Joong, announced today, is expected to start Asian tour in October will be held at the end or early next year to Taiwan concert. He was fond of dumplings in Taiwan, "I hope the end of today's trip quickly, you can quickly eat."
Kim Hyun Joong debut mini-album, tour of Asia since the end of July promotion, arrived in Taiwan yesterday, started 4 days 3 nights trip; afternoon press conference at Greater, Greater China President Chen Ze Shan Warner Music sent platinum, while more Name movie fans through the questions, he also 11 to answer.
After nearly two years he returned to Taiwan, Kim Hyun Joong address him "could not sing a pity," he plans to start Asian tour in October, January and February will be the end of next year to Taiwan concert; he said, listening to that southern Taiwan is very beautiful, beautiful sea and hopes to find time to play.
Kim Hyun Joong ended last night after work trip, Warner Music to chicken, baked prawns, scallops, fish maw, etc. Shanghai Bowl in honor of his dishes, he is addicted to spicy food with hot pepper sauce special love life, even to eat several disk sauce dip .
But let Kim Hyun Joong obsession or dumplings. He says with a laugh, said yesterday eat dumplings tonight, Warner will take him to the taste, "very happy, hope the end of stroke quickly, you can quickly eat."
Claimed to have supernatural physical Kim Hyun Joong, 1st heard ghosts on Taiwan, was asked whether the film met MV "good brothers"? He said that the new dance album, difficult and, as a good shot MV, there was one day jump of nearly a hundred times, after finishing, he and his dancers are sick, "Compared to a ghost, this process is more frightening. "
Kim Hyun Joong tomorrow morning, afternoon, respectively, in Itabashi, Hsimenting for the endorsement of Korean makeup brand site, meet with fans and charity auction carry shoes; the afternoon of 17 will take the Singapore Airlines flight from Taiwan to Singapore next promotion.

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