Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

110814_ News Hyun Joong - arrived in Taiwan with more than 2,000 fans

Kim Hyun Joong arrived in Taiwan with more than 2,000 fans REUNION create a "gold" type of record, see a good rain distressed Kim Hyun Joong fans considerate fans "High Five" into a handshake.
Back burner for two years, Kim Hyun Joong really came to Taiwan it! ! "South Korea's chief of new star" Kim Hyun Joong on Sunday (8 / 14) take the Korean Air flight KE691, arrived in Taiwan at noon, a rest after they go to unity Hankyu department store in Taipei 2F "Dream Square" and "2011 HIGH FIVE will meet in Taipei" . Meeting will be on site in addition to the 500 lucky fans can came close with Kim Hyun Joong HIGH FIVE, but also into a total of more than 2,000 fans, from eight in the morning on an open field waiting in line, although the whole trip in the thunderstorm activity for, but diehard fans still willing to rain waiting for, just to see the star deity side, so that Kim Hyun Joong of fans distressed. In a thunderstorm which, the scene has more than 2,000 fans danced with Kim Hyun Joong's signature dance "BREAK DOWN", together create a "gold" type of record! In addition special thanks to Kim Hyun Joong fans to support, the original estimated "High Five" will be met, but also to Kim Hyun Joong's fans more than the greater Hanhao happy surprise!
Kim Hyun Joong on Sunday (8 / 14) arrived in Taiwan, then a four-day promotional trip and three nights, when a plane arrived at the airport when fans take long before a group of aircraft in the cabin waiting mouth, and when Kim Hyun Joong one off , field uniform to use more than 400 Korean fans shouted: "Atlas! I love you", the sound reverberating in the airport hall, momentum is alarming, but also to Kim Hyun Joong fans very happy and waved. After arrival in hotel, Kim Hyun Joong diner shop specially prepared kimchi fried rice add strength, in addition to a fairly good appetite Kim Hyun Joong also ordered pasta and some fruit juice to appetite.
Create a "gold" type of record From almost every major since his debut performances will be rain, by fans nicknamed "Rain God" Kim Hyun Joong, yesterday (8 / 14) in a unified Hankyu Department Store to meet the scene, still under heavy thunderstorms from majestic. Kim Hyun Joong as long as an opening, the sky immediately thunder sounded, so that Kim Hyun Joong and can not help himself a quiet silent "how a speech on the thunder?." Kim Hyun Joong also very happy with the Chinese "Long time" with you greeting, see the site's fans in a thunderstorm rain cases are willing to wait for Kim Hyun Joong was very moving! Warner Music also invited well-known dance teacher Ah May and "Little Kim Hyun Joong," Kai brother, together with on-site jump of more than 2,000 fans a new album title track "BREAK DOWN" to see Kim Hyun Joong, to create "gold" type of record, to see Kim Hyun Joong good gratification!

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