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[Scans + Trans] Kyu Jong – Men’s Health Magazine November 2011 Issue

Article scan: wangjanim
Chinese translation: 默默 & kyu’s守护 @ 金圭钟中文网 (http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn)
English translation: slimz1808 @ liezle.blogspot.com
Ten FAQ To understand the ‘not too bad’ Kim Kyujong
1、Feels happier
Did alot of thinking during rest time. Was pretty stressed during SS501 time. Was unable to enjoy due to unknown desire. Now I’m enjoying it due to a change in my mindset.
2、What was done during the long rest?
Tour, met up with friends. Was initially not too interested in reading (laughs) but end up reading biographies. Now reading Helen Keller’s. It’s good therapy for self reflection/improvement.
3、What do you think of your music which seems pretty off mainstream?
Did not CB with the intention of getting #1. It was not like this during the initial stage. Wanted to present something different from the current trend, an image of myself, and hence decided to do so. Response is not too good, wonder if its due to this. heeee [slimz1808: that 'heee' is from the original article]
4、What type of music would you like to try going forward?
Would like to try R&Bproject;. Heard the album of singer‘坏家伙’ and really like it a lot。Had always wanted to try album of such genre. [slimz1808:I did a google search on the artist's name in chinese and the closest match that I can find is Bad Company, an English classic rock band. Correct me if I'm not wrong]
5、The opportunity to cast in Goong originated from?
Having fun and learning to act. When I first received the musical invite, was thinking ‘how did it come this way?’ and hence rejected it. But when I actually went into it, had the feeling of creating something new together with others and hence regain the interest in acting.
6、Any acting plans?
Am currently shooting for “Saving Mdm”. As it’s not a lead role with lots of parts, I’m carrying a “learn and enjoy” attitude.
7、SS501 members are very fashionable. Are you one who is interested in it?
Very interested. Will discuss with friends when we are shopping together and choosing styles for them. Enjoys doing so. But feels jaded in comparison to the members.
8、What fashion style do you like?
Actually it’s very different from what I am portraying now. Should it be called Hip pop style? Simple and casual sports attire, with a cap and a pair of Nike Dunk?(laughs) but has been prevented to do so by cordy.
9、Why prevented?
Says it doesn’t suits me and has been asked not to do so. Says I belong to the thin category, recommends I go for fashionable styles. Furthermore if I do that (hiphop style) would be an embarrassment (when on the streets), would have some inconveniences.
10、Kyujong has yet to gain a foothold, what kind of memory do you wish to create?
‘KKJ has a solo? KKJ is in a drama?’‘singing is not too bad. Not bad at acting’ Would like to be someone to say such. Have a lot of support and company from fans. Perhaps can be a good artist even if not a hot one

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