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[Eng Trans] Kim Kyu Jong – Interview with StarMK Part #2[12.10.11]

Trans from Kor to CHN :巧克力天堂 @ http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn
From CHN to Eng: slimz1808

Kim Kyu Jong “Ever considered quit being an artist”

SS501 put a temporary stop to their group activities since their last stage together on the 13th June 2010 Newton TV showcase. HJL, HJB and PJM signed up with their new agencies shortly after, leaving KKJ and HYS who did not find an agency easily. This caused much worries amongst fans until they subsequently signed up with B2M and had a series of successful FM around the region. His more than a year on-screen absence is indeed a long wait for his fans. So what had happened to the Center of SS501 who had become a mysterious character during this long absence?
○ “Ever considered quitting, hence had no desire to go on”
★ What was done during the long rest? Seems like a long long rest..
When our contracts expired, following the settlement of fellow members, I did consider quitting this field. I was seriously considering this option. And I have already fulfilled my childhood dream of being an idol singer. I received much help and good things were happening to me in the past 5 years. At the same time, there were harsh words coming from ‘bad people’ around me. There were people whom I thought were kind in the past had turned out to be otherwise and I was thus hurt in many ways. Hence I thought of resigning, returning to my hometown and doing something new with my friends or go back to school. A couple of composer hyungs whom I’m closer with gave me plenty of advices on how to make myself feel happier while working in this line, even bought me a lot of musical instruments, rained me with a lot of positive words. With such things happening around, the 4 months of rest, learning music and drawing (WOW! Din noe wuri kyu learnt drawing..next time FanMeet he can draw pic of fans?!) past by easily.
★Almost starred in dramas during your rest?
There were invites from Mary is Out and Secret Garden and the band member cast in Mary was one which suits me exceptionally well. But I do not have any regrets. Well, of coz when would I ever have the chance to star along with Hyun Bin etc. Haa Haa. Really wished to meet (them) and was very excited but I felt I was lacking in many areas then. If I had taken up the drama then, the success of the drama would indirectly be seen as my success and others will form the ‘oh, so that is KKJ’ impression.
★ People around me were worried during my long absence
I’m really fine but fans were really worried (OMG! How can we not be worried, reading these articles made us even MORE worried. Imagine he ever considered resigning?!). Many even called B2M asking what exactly is KKJ doing. Haa Haa.
○Having recharge yourself during your long absence, its now time to start charging forward. Almost dying now
★ Did you recover your confidence during your rest?
I overcame my fears from my involvement in Goong. Went through some auditions for some dramas but still felt like my heart was about to burst when I read the scripts.
★ How are things now?
I’m not as nervous now. I only felt slight nervousness for my debut stage on Mcountdown. After starring in Goong, I have developed such thinking “ah, can’t bother, just do according to what I think it should be”. In the past I had always been burdened by the thoughts of “is this the correct answer, what if others do not like what I have done?”.
★ The upcoming drama can be looked forward to
Truthfully, because my role is not one of the main leads, hence not much burden. However it’s my first drama project, would also want to do well for it. My parts should be starting from episodes 7-8 onwards and will be on screen for one scene, playing the role of a cool man who wants to be a musical actor.
○Wants to tell everyone about Kim Kyu Jong
★ Actually KJ seems to lack self confidence, have you ever been faced with fans’ harsh words/doings?
(haizzz…poor boys) Very serious. Ever since our debut, have heard many saying that YS hyung and I should leave the group in order for the group to succeed. Received a lot of letters too. Drank lotsa alcohol with YS hyung back then. (laughs) Both of us chatted over alcohol and said in future we have to look back at this day and laugh at ourselves. Subsequently we had our performance in Tokyo and tears just flowed freely when we sang “Wings of the World”. That time members held on tightly to me and gave me lots of strength. (sobzzz… teary eye-ed while I trans this…. Awh!)
★ It is a fact that the Public’s knowledge of Artist Kim Kyu Jong is not much now
Would like to promote to people about me. Taxi drivers would only find me familiar, saying have seen him at somewhere before. Even if SS501 is mentioned, they aren’t able to relate to the name too. If Hyun Jong hyung’s name is mentioned, response would be “AH!” and recognising instantly. Haa Haa.. It is good that members are doing good but felt apologetic to be part of the group yet is unable to keep up with the pace of others. The aim of my album and drama this time is only one, it is for everyone to ‘recognise, know Kim Kyu Jong”, hence will be going places for my song to be heard more often. (laugh)

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