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[News] SS501 Park Jung Min is expected to captivate viewers with Taiwan drama…’Tycoon heir’ [25.10.11]

Source: osen
Chinese translation: 피오나 @ PJM IFC (

English translation: rainaftershine & Josie @ RPJM (
SS501 Park Jung Min is expected to captivate viewers with his Taiwan drama.
In order to film for the Taiwan drama ‘Fondant Garden’ which Park Jung Min is starring in, he went abroad in July, filming back and forth in Taiwan and Korea. He is back in Korea now with the other actors/actresses in Korea to film for the drama.
As Park Jung Min will be having many activities in Asia for this drama, he has been trying hard to learn Chinese. And now, his Chinese has improved to the degree that it surprises everyone around him.
In this drama, Park Jung Min is a chaebol (family-owned business) heir who is gentle with lovely charm and is also expected to appear as childe. The drama will be airing in Taiwan early next year.
Park Jung Min will also be participating in his Taiwan drama OST which this made Hallyu Wave sweeping across all his OST in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
Previously, Park Jung Min also starred in Japanese TV series LISMO ‘Love Song in August’ which cause relevant people in The Greater China from the film industry sending love calls to him.

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