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[Eng Trans] Kim Kyu Jong – Interview with StarMK Part #1[12.10.11]

Credits : http://star.mk.co.kr/new/view.php?mc=ST&no=653625&year=2011 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Kim KyuJong is an entertainer in his 7th year of debut, who talks softly and always replying with “No” when being praised. He is a polite and modest person who will greet people with extreme courtesy even more than a 90 degrees bow, and being a member of an idol group, he somehow had a boring style.

Debuted on 8-Jun-2005, Kim KyuJong, a member of group SS501. DSP Media, who produced 1st generation idol Sechskies and Fin.K.L, came out with SS501 targeting at Dong Bang Shin Gi. Actually in SS501, Kim KyuJong is not a member with distinct existence. Even when he attends variety programs with the other members, instead of standing in front, Kim KyuJong would be standing behind the members smiling good-naturedly. He debuted for 7 years, and returned with his solo album ‘TURN ME ON’ in 2011.

Among the 5 members, Kim KyuJong is the latest to make a solo comeback, thus making fans’ yearnings even more. The aim of this album is making known to people about entertainer ‘Kim KyuJong’, it is the foremost priority than anything else, we met with him for a talk.

“Title song ‘YESTERDAY’, is originally YoungSaeng hyung’s song.”

The last among the members to make your comeback, seems like you have an unusual determination.

It’s a coincidence. I thought that YoungSaeng hyung would be the first to come out but then JungMin prepared even faster. In fact, I originally didn’t have any plans for album this year. I wanted to gather with people I like and make a R&B, Hip Hop crew instead of a solo album. But my company representative said this isn’t the time yet. Title song ‘YESTERDAY’ was a song which YoungSaeng hyung even finished recording for it. But they felt it isn’t suitable for YoungSaeng hyung, and after voting, the song came to me.

So is it right to say that you had wanted this song originally?

No. Definitely not. (laughs) I told YoungSaeng hyung that I will do away with this song. I said I will look for other demo. It wasn’t anything at all when I first listened to it. Haha. But I am singing it now?

I thought it was tacky when I first heard it.

Isn’t it? The more I listen to it, the more I grow to like it. The song will definitely feel better when it gets colder and you listen to it while putting on the ear phone and walking around. Which is why I am considering to stretch the activities this time to a longer period. I plan to go more to other cities and work hard in letting people know this song as well as me before I go to Japan for the musical activities.

The song is about asking for return after breakup, what type of person are you when you’re in love?

I am not someone who will ask for her to return. Because I think that trust is the most important thing in a relationship between two people. I will break up with her right away if one bad thing happened, even if she treats me very well usually.

Just one bad thing and break up right away?

If she is cheating on me, I will be very disappointed and so will do that (break up). I don’t quarrel in love relationship. I am someone who will think positively to what I perceive.

It is the style which frustrates females the most.

That’s why I guess I can’t be in love. (laugh)

Surprised that your activity period is long. Other members had short activity period.

Because of musical schedules, I can’t attend to filming for variety programs. It is a great pity because I would be able to let people know of my song while appearing in variety programs. The broadcast is 1 week after filming, so it is too late to coincide with the album release date. I don’t hold the desire to get number 1 position, I just want to go on with the activities for a long time. It is a great pity because everyone’s activity period is really short compared to the amount of practices they have put in.

Are there any programs that are already scheduled?

I have first recording for ‘ShikShin Road’. Even though I am not a regular cast, the director and JunHa-hyung takes good care of me, so I wanted to attend again. It is a program which is the most enjoyable while filming.

Seems like it is the most exciting program you have filmed.

I really like eating. Hyung will put down their spoon when ‘cut’ is heard, but I really ate until the very end. Thanks to it, I put on a lot of weight. And so I was really stressed too.

Introducing the GopChang (beef intestine) restaurant that you frequent, it has become a place of attraction among the fans.

Actually, the place where I frequent sells beef intestines a bit expensive. I went there quite some time after the broadcast, the boss asked why I didn’t go there for such a long time, and that HyungJun went there frequently with his mother. (laughs) I didn’t go there frequently because I feel that it is expensive, and when I really crave for it, then I will go with what I’ve saved up. Haha.
“Musical, in fact I hated very much to do it in the beginning.”

How was it when you debuted in musical with musical ‘Goong’? Don’t you feel like an outsider?

Not at all. In fact, I hated to do the musical because of that point. So in the beginning for about a week or so, I didn’t eat with them. I was showing my awkwardness for nothing. I thought they will leave me out. But it wasn’t the case. On the contrary, I heard that the other actors/actresses felt that I was being difficult. Because I am someone whom they only see on TV but is here with them. Living together for about a month in Kyoto, we became close to each other. Hyungs will have a drink while giving me guidance on acting, and also gave me a lot of advices. We also went on a MT (membership training) to CheongPyeong a while ago. I even paid the membership fee for manager hyungs and brought them along. It would be great if all of us can go for the Tokyo performance but I guess it would be difficult so it’s really a pity.

How about Kang DongHo who joined the group much later?

Not just DongHo hyung, please be good to all the hyungs. If you look at YooJun (Jang YooJun, actor who acts as Lee Yul in musical ‘Goong’) and me, please feel extremely good. Looking at both of us while we are eating, hyungs would go “Feels pleased if I look at KyuJong, I want to teach YooJun(?)”. Haha

In the release of the scene, KyuJong is the person who got the first kiss of Choi YeSeul.

(Quite seriously) Actually I am really curious. Is that real? YeSeul is actually quite talented. She dances, sings and acts well. Her character is also bright and bubbly. Initially she was extremely shy, but in the ending scene in the Kyoto performance, she jumped and kissed me. It should have ended beautifully like in a comic but it didn’t so it was fun. (laughs)

“Made mistake in musical stage, returned home and cried terribly.”

Watched the performance before our interview. Was it a mistake in the middle of performance? Too mischievous?

No. (Kim KyuJong shook his head violently and replied) It really wasn’t a joke that day. I was only concerned with my own part, so I didn’t know. After the performance, when we gathered and talked, everyone told me I made a mistake. I was really ashamed and said, “I guess I shouldn’t take up Tokyo performance”, but surprisingly there are many people who made mistakes. Jung DongHwa hyung said that was his first mistake in his life. (laugh) The performance was in fact nothing in particular but seems like the atmosphere was by far the best among the performances. I returned home and really cried hard. Because it was really a failure, the seniors who performed together told me that the more the body is tired, the more you have to relax and do it. In the next day’s performance, I relaxed and felt the difference. It’s a pity. Why did you watch the performance on that day. (laugh)

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