Jumat, 09 September 2011

[Photo+ Fancam] (Kim Hyung Jun) SS501 with Korean Crossover Miso in Thailand.

September 9, 2554 at 19.30 at the Center Point Playhouse, 8th Floor, Central World, Kim Hyung Joon (Kim Hyung Jun) SS501 direct flights to Thailand's mini-concert with other fans, meeting with fans in Thailand closely. The Korean Crossover Miso & Kim Hyung Jun in Thailand.

Korean Crossover Miso & Kim Hyung Jun in Thailand as part of the Korean Crossover Miso & K-POP is a show that combines the culture of Korea in the form of the MISO and K-POP together with all the activities worldwide. Asia, including Taiwan, Philippines and Thailand, Kim Hyung Joon SS501 was chosen to be representative of K-Pop culture, traveling with theater, mini-concerts and meeting fans at the United States.

Within the Korean Crossover Miso & Kim Hyung Jun in Thailand have been performed Miso (the Association) show in Calgary was named the most beautiful music of Korea. The mini-concert of music to - pop the "Kim Hyung Joon," little brother of the SS501 to play to a close with the artist. Concluding the Hi-Touch with Kim Hyung Joon for the lucky 150 people.

In today's Kim Hyung Jun has launched a mini-concert of his first solo album. Along with answering questions from fans at the Board's contributions to the fun.

In addition, during the talks, Kim Hyung Jun has a different answer. "Korea has a stage show like it or not," he said, "(fans yelling that GOONG) This musical is GOONG I Kyujong it. I tried to look at the culture of Korea to end every show it. "

When asked. "You come to Thailand several times, but it was the first actor MISO. I recommend the Thai actress MISO "he said," The curry noodle soup with shrimp, "the fans shouted up the Pad Thai. And Hyung Chun said. "Pad Thai is" the host explained that the noodles. The drops are great, but if you put your heart into the Thai fans. Suddenly, Kim Hyung Joon, it's a walk around the stage pretending to take my pocket voice calls fans to scream a lot.

In addition, Kim Hyung Joon to appease the fans by saying in English as "I love you" put fans in the hall and was delighted. Before the show, gaming and high-touch and warmth amidst universal.



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