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[Interview] Kim Hyung Joon (Kim Hyung Jun) part in the Korean Music and Culture 'Miso' most spectacular.

[Interview] Kim Hyung Joon (Kim Hyung Jun) part in the Korean Music and Culture 'Miso' most spectacular.
On September 10, 2554 at 00:42:01 AM

Kim Hyung Joon SS501 direct flights to Thailand's mini-concert with other fans, meeting with fans in Thailand very closely in the Korean Crossover Miso & Kim Hyung Jun in Thailand Friday, September 9, 2554 at Center Point Playhouse. Co., 8th Floor, Central World 19:30

Before work began in the evening, Kim Hyung Joon has released an interview with the media stage with a fun and friendly people.

Miso projects to promote tourism in Korea. Hyung Jun was involved in this. I feel it.
Kim Hyung Joon: I was very happy to be a part of Korean culture that makes it. Even as I felt it a little. After this, if there is one I will attend again and so on.

△ Korea and also worked as an artist or anything else.
Kim Hyung Joon: When a host in the list, then it is good news, then went out with a solo album. The theater has just finished with it. The series is now preparing for my Korean.

△ return to Thailand again in a solo artist has been a fan of this meeting was how
Kim Hyung Joon: I was very happy to have the stage in Thailand. I was very excited. I have to prepare than with it. I was happy to be in Thailand again.

△ What is the appeal of Kim Hyung Joon.
Hyung Joon Kim: Actually, I think I'm attractive, I like (her), but now I am age 25 I began to love it. I think this is the charm of it today.

△ know that the return of the Thai fans waited a long time. What I told my Thai fans.Kim Hyung Joon: Every time I come to Thailand to keep track of all my fans. And I arrived in Thailand late has been full of fans here. I was so happy and I thank you all very much. Today was a lot of fans. I'm still full. Of course that does not disappoint.
△ women in the spec of Kim Hyung Joon is. The woman was looking (that's Thai).Kim Hyung Joon: I like long hair on women. I noticed when I tried to do a sexy show, everyone would do well (laughs).
△ came to Thailand many times do I have a new show.Kim Hyung Joon: Yes, I "think I like" and "love me" "my hair" (fans: I) "Thank you" I have "I love you" with a lot of it. well.
△ after the completion of this project, then there is something more or not.Kim Hyung Joon: When I go back to Korea after this, they need to prepare for filming it. I need the practice. The fans, everyone will see me in the end of this course series. The next year will have a new album too. I was encouraged by it. I leave my hair with news reporters.

△ Jung Min worked as solo MCs, DJs, then I wanted to do something else or not.
Kim Hyung Joon: If it is a hobby, like bungee jumping here. I have not. I want to be a race car with it.

△ you have a mission culture in Korea today. Korea will introduce tourist attractions for Thai fans. I'd recommend.
Kim Hyung Joon: I recommend two theaters, a Korean style is authentic it is very similar to the MISO, then it is not authentic Korean restaurant. Adam Dong Chong around it. Is the original tried to eat them.

△ single song on the album 'Heaven' with you I think heaven is.
Kim Hyung Joon: I do not (i) for every stage of my heaven is here.

△ I love this one. I had a chance to gather 5 people say.
Kim Hyung Joon: For years, everyone will run to my solo. But next year may have also helped me keep track of each other

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