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Individual Plans SS501 계획하에 Scheduled until Tahun 2012

개인 계획 - Individual Plans ( sorted )

요새 개인 활동으로 인해 너무 많은 정보가 퍼뜨리고 있다니 좀 기억을 불러오고 정리하여 올려보았어요. 정확한 기간이 아마도 다를 수가 있겠지만
인터뷰들을 통해서 본인이 직접 말하는대로 정리하였는데. 물론 모든 좋은소식이잖아 ^^ 

Due to the many plans and information disseminated these days due to each's busy schedule, a little bit of collation and sorting out was tried out as follow.

Some plans might change, and also difference in the period.
These are written as according to what the five of them have had mentioned personally in interviews (TV or Paper).

계획하에 (Under Scheduled/Planned)

현중(Hyun Joong)

October 2011: 2nd Mini album

November 2011: Nationwide tour across Japan

Cities include:

December 2011~end January 2012: Asia Concert Tour (exclude Japan?)

Next year 1st quarter (Spring 2012): 3rd Drama shoot

규종(Kyu Jong)

September-end 2011: 1st solo album release

September-late 2011: 1st Drama shoot

September mid~October-early 2011: Musical Goong (Korea Stand)

영생(Young Saeng)

October 2011~November/December 2011: Musical challenge?

December 2011/January 2012 to release 2nd solo album

형준(Hyung Jun)

Drama shoot(s)

January/February 2012 to release 2nd solo album

정민(Jung Min)

Taiwan drama shoots from August~October 2011

Korean Movie/Drama November~December 2011

2nd solo album around maybe February/March 2012?

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