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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong~ The October Battle (Come Back) [06.09.11]

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This coming October, Hyun Joong is going to release his 2nd mini-album.
However this time round, he ‘s facing tougher rivals who are strong in both their album & digital sales.
It’s harder for overseas fans to support with many doors closed.
Mnet no longer allows foreigners to purchase streaming coupon nor top-up to download songs.
So unless you bought the streaming coupon for 6 months or 1 year before Mnet closed the purchase for foreigners, then you won’t be able to stream via Mnet.
As for download, do check your account for any remaining amount left.
As long as the amount left is more than 600 won, you can still download.
Mnet Japan has closed their voting section till mid-October.
Foreigners can no longer purchase music cards on Soribada Korea.
We can only purchase from Soribada English.
Hence there’s nothing much overseas fans can do to help his digital sales.
So the only other way we can help his comeback in October is to buy more albums.
Let me tell you a short story.
During the beginning of this year, I had a discussion with some fans on his album sales.
I predicted that his album sales would be able to break 100, 000.
The other fans told me that that would be difficult even impossible. They predicted less than that.
In the end…the impossible turns into a reality.
Quite frankly, I did not make such prediction because I have confidence that we would be able to do so.
But because I hope and I want us to be able to break 100,000.
I believe that when one sets a high target that is hard to achieve,
it motivates one to work even harder in order to achieve that target.
As hard as it is, let’s break 100,000 again! (;
Don’t say it’s impossible for we already made possible what others thought was impossible.
Break down ‘impossible’, you get I ‘m Possible~

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