Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

[INTERVIEW] 120530 Heo Young Saeng – 3 Questions and 3 Answers

Credit: Korea official site
Chinese translation HyunSaengChina.com
English translation tzeyin28 @ facebook.com/DS501fanpage

Q: Hello! (You’re) making a comeback after a one-year hiatus! ^^ How did you spend it?
A: Exactly one year really. After ‘Let It Go’ promotional activities ended, Fanclub Changdansik has been held in Japan, I became the lead actor in a musical at the end of last year, different feeling compared to a singer, also very interesting. I’m now making an appearance in a sitcom. Will play baseball and basketball with good friends and hyungs when I have some free time. It really took a long time to prepare this album ^^

Q: Heard that Heo Young Saeng wrote the lyrics of title track ‘Crying’ yourself. A very good gift for your fans who have waited so long~ Please personally introduce this song! ^^
A: The more you listen to ‘Crying’ the better it sounds, it gives me a different feeling every time I listen to it. It shows the heart of a lonely man who lost love and memories. (Are you) satisfied with SOLO like this?? It’s my first time trying out a R&B song since I began my solo activities, isn’t it a new experience for listeners too?

Q: I know there are a lot of highlights in this mini album~ Besides the title track, which song would you definitely recommend to your fans?
A: I can’t recommend only a song… all 3 songs must be recommended!! ‘Intimidated’ is a song that I hope would be the title track, I want to try out a style like this, strongly recommend this charismatic song. ‘Maria’ seems to be a song that fans really like. ‘Hello Mello’ is really a song that can bring my fans and I together as one, can spend happy time with my fans, really want to sing it all together once!

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