Senin, 14 Mei 2012

[Engtrans+Video] Kim Hyung Jun Interview with Trendy Magazine

English Translation by ONLY JUN
Hello readers of Trendy, I'm Kim Hyung Jun
It has been a long time since I have greeted everyone through Trendy
Now I am greeting you after assuming the status of an actor.
Although some of the readers have already watched my acting in the drama <>,
The drama may also be aired in Taiwan, so I may also go to Taiwan to promote
So hope you would look forward to it, and everyone please be healthy.
To my fans in Taiwan, let us pray together for things to proceed smoothly for all of us.
Hope you could give me your support.
Will definitely go to Taiwan not just for concerts, but also carry out drama promotions.
When that time comes, hope everyone will come and meet me
Hope everyone will show me their love and also like Trendy Idol Magazine
Wish that Trendy will receive tremendous support from everyone
Trendy keep on fighting!
Wish all Trendy readers good health and happiness!
Trendy Fighting! Me too, fighting!
Thank you.

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