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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong - ASIAN EMPEROR by LazerKim

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By LazerKim:           Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight yesterday morning bound to Beijing China from Hongkong. What’s the agenda? Hyun Joong went to China for an important press conference pertaining to his up coming Fan Meeting Concert schedule on June. But before I start writing this topic, may I share with you a news update as of yesterday morning as Hyun Joong was leaving Hongkong after his huge success of his Fan Meeting concert held last Saturday evening. As I mentioned in my article yesterday Brilliant Star, Hyun Joong will surely be the cover of all local newspaper in Hongkong after he exploded. So may I share with you this news article, for those who may not have read it yet.
News Article:

CJ E&M enewsWorldBy Stewart Ho | CJ E&M enewsWorld – 11 hours ago
Kim Hyun Joong has proven his popularity with not only fans abroad but press outlets abroad.
On May 11, the singer and actor left for Hong Kong for his scheduled fan meeting. Ahead of his fan meeting, Kim Hyun Joong held a press conference where he revealed his feelings on his fan meeting, which took place on May 12.
At the press conference all the major Hong Kong press outlets including Wenweipo, Sing Tao, The Sun, Apple Daily and more, were on hand to cover Kim Hyun Joong’s every words and actions.
His popularity was evident in the next day’s press as various pictures and articles on Kim Hyun Joong’s arrival in Hong Kong were seen.
Kim Hyun Joong is currently in the middle of a fan meeting tour in Asia.
Photo credit: Key East  (Photo above) Re-post from OMG Yahoo.com
Actually this news from Hongkong is not surprising to me anymore after the huge success of Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting event. What surprises me more is his press conference in Beijing China. The venue where the press con being held was so grand (Photo above), and the conference hall was filled with local and international media. The said Fan Meeting event for China is three weeks away from yesterday, but the media coverage of the event I think is a huge one. What’s with the huge fanfare?
Right after the Asian Tour was confirmed and officially announced by KeyEast, China organizers for this event started to get moving. The Asia Tour advertisement has been airing in China nationwide, two weeks before Hyun Joong arrived Singapore as his first stop. Ticket outlets has started selling since then and is selling good. I start to wonder now, what made China became so ambivalent with Kim Hyun Joong??
Maybe what I can share with you is just my own analysis and opinion. I’m sure all of these did not happen over night. I made a little research on the events transpired in China that Hyun Joong attended to as a solo singer.
First, was in November 12, 2010 in Guang Zhou China, at the Asian Games Opening Ceremony, as Hyun Joong attended and sang a Chinese song together with the other Chinese artist.
At the same year 2010, a voting poll was conducted for the title 2010 Hottest Star in China, and Hyun Joong was rated on top rank number one Hottest Star in China.
In Feb. 2011 Hyun Joong won the Most Popular Asian Sta in China, as a voting poll was conducted for the title. That time Playful Kiss was airing as Hyun Joong starred in this drama
In September 2011 held the closing performance at a joint concert that was put together by various popular artist in China, with Kim Hyun Joong and had given the title Asian Emperor.
In January 2012, Hyun Joong visited China for his endorsement of a cosmetic brand The Face Shop, as Hyun Joong is the official representative of this international cosmetic brand.  Hyun Joong was also invited in celebration of Chinese Lunar Year as the first Korean artist ever was invited by China and performed.
And finally in March 2012, Hyun Joong was again invited to perform for the Liao Spring Festival or Tokyo Girls Collection held in Shanghai China. This was the unforgettable airport scenario as Hyun Joong had to forced himself out of the crowded fans to welcome him on his arrival to Shanghai.
Hyun Joong highlights the fashion show as he performed Lucky Guy that was attended by his fans and that majority of the audience that filled the stadium with green uzoosin light stick was monopolized by Hyun Joong’s fans.
Well, there you have it, so we have a history between Kim Hyun Joong and China. After looking into this list of events transpired in the past I would conclude Hyun Joong indeed had gained a lot of popularity in China. Not to mention the huge success of BOF where it all started his popularity boost.
Hyun Joong indeed did a lot of exposure in China that came up to have this project of Fan Meeting Concert and I would say a huge Fan Meeting event!! No wonder Hyun Joong prepared a lot, because all the while this is not just an ordinary event for Hyun Joong’s fans.
Now I fully understand why Korean artists tend to get in to the Japanese and Korean entertainment market. And yes, music and entertainment is in the culture of both countries and indeed it has a great potential for stepping stone to be an international star. I was thinking, these two countries are within the top rank of biggest entertainment market next to Hollywood. Fans from both countries are just as passionate to Kim Hyun Joong.
Once Hyun Joong wins these two countries by more numbers which is just within his reach, then the ball starts to roll for him. And seeing from these events takes place can tell us he’s already there, it’s just a matter of a little more exposure and I could see, he’ll be the first Hallyu solo idol to reach the top as none had done yet in this present generation.
Just like in politics, the band wagon starts rolling once Hyun Joong explode in China. He already did explode in Japan as his first shot to debut on Japanese market as soloist. What do I mean by this band wagon? Once people from the neighboring countries sees the pouring popularity of Hyun Joong from China then they follow.
And take note Hyun Joong is scheduled to launch his next mini album in Japan by July and he’ll stay as he promotes the album. Think about it. This might just be speculations, but common sense would tell us as events unfold since Hyun Joong Asian Tour Fan Meeting Concert , it’s very likely he’ll gain more than what is expected.
Hyun Joong is so competitive, as you notice he’s racing to the top with the other idol groups which he is not within that category. But reality tells us that Kpop idol groups are the popular ones these days. Actually no soloist idol singer had reached the top rank at the music chart yet among the Kpop solo artist, as Hyun Joong had in 2011 and early this year. That producer and director who spoke in Hyun Joong documentary I believe has the right assessment about Hyun Joong in leading the first title ever given as leader of solo idol.
One Chinese at the twitter who was translating the press conference mentioned that the capacity of each venue where the fan meeting is be held is at 9,000 sitting capacity more or less! Well, I still have to confirm this. Although I can’t help to think as to why did China rejects the idea of High Five session.
It’s probably because a huge crowd double than the first two events in Singapore and Hongkong is being expected. This is not impossible, Hyun Joong was able to gather 20,000 in Japan full pack at Yokohama Arena and in less than a week tickets were sold out. The concert was just one hour but this time it’s at two hours and with more activities.
Here’s another good news, the good Samaritan turns up again. As Kim Hyun Joong donated 20 Million Won to the charity after his concert in Hongkong. Again he donated his earnings out of the concert to the charity Smile Angel Foundation. This is Hyun Joong, every time he succeeds, he never forgets the charity. The guy with the golden heart will always be unselfish, and so the blessings on him just keeps pouring in.
And since June 6 is gonna be his 26th birthday, in which Hyun Joong will be busy for the concert on that day, the Chinese organizer set for the concert tickets on June 6, had Hyun Joong affixed his signature on the tickets and set off to auction for charity. Isn’t that great??
My apologies I did not included the Q & A portion of the interview, since most of the questions were already been asked, in the recent press conference in Singapore. Although there are a few which I just have to reserve for next article. Hyun Joong was given a gold tiger stamp by the Chinese organizer as their way of appreciating Hyun Joong’s presence.
The tiger represents the Chinese sun sign of Hyun Joong since he was born in the year of the tiger.  And there’s a significant ceremony with a crystal ball as Hyun Joong joined by other Chinese sponsors, which I would like to find out what was that all about.
I think we have every reason to be optimistic as far as Hyun Joong’s career future is concern. Like what he always say, believe in your dreams. Although he has lots more to work on but his dream is just within his reach and time fly so fast and so with his career development. We have so much to look forward to, as Hyun Joong successfully executes his plans that every fan is being proud of.
Well, I never knew Hyun Joong has another title given by his Chinese fans which is Asian Emperor of China. We have the Prince to protect, or maybe the Prince had actually grew up into an Emperor! Why not, as time flies Hyun Joong just grew up for another one year as he turns 26 next month, the more successful he is.
As the Prince climb his ladder of success, he grows up into Asian Emperor as he makes another step up to the top…. I’m very proud of being a Kim Hyun Joong fan.
                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing.
Photo credits KHJean14 & ahlia thanks.

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