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[Article] Park Jung Min had a Food Trip Long Stay in Taiwan Night Market [24.02.2012]

[News] Park Jung Min enjoys freedom in night market, chats with fans in fluent Chinese

Source: YES Entertainment
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)
Please repost with full credits.

Park Jung Min came to Taiwan to film idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’ and had a pleasant time working with Jian Shu Man, Lia Lee and Kingone Wang. The long stay in Taiwan made rapid progress in his Chinese language. He uses Chinese all the way during the fan-meeting. When he was being interviewed, he used Chinese as far as possible to answer them and everyone praised that he is really good. He replied “No, I want to say a lot of things but I can’t express them and it makes my heart/mind stuffy.”
During the fan-meeting, he made candied fruit with the fans and Park Jung Min said “3 days (he used yesterday x3 in Chinese ^^;) ago I went to the night market. I ate it that time and it left me impressed.” The translator immediately added that they went to the night market 3 days ago and brought his to experience Taiwanese snacks. Park Jung Min disguised himself with mask and hat and went out. None of the fans recognized him and he enjoy freedom comfortably.
He tasted deep-fried milk, cream filling sponge cake, strawberry candied fruit, etc. His appetite is totally ready for the full challenge. Park Jung Min replied “I am used to the life in Taiwan.” Jian Shu Man exposed that he learned how to speak in Taiwanese language and often made the drama crew laugh. He was asked to give a demonstration live. Park Jung Min humorously said “There are a lot, I cannot say it anymore.”
The drama will premiere on the 24th and they were asked what the expected rating is. Jian Shu Man said “8%”, Lia Lee shouted “9%”. Lastly, Park Jung Min replied “1%. So when we add them up altogether, it will be 18%. I hope that the rating will reach the target of 18%.” He also shouted to the fans that with everyone’s support, it will not be a problem. Park Jung Min ended his 6 months filming and returned to Korea. He is expected to release an album in Japan. After the interview, he told the reporters if they are going to Korea, he will treat them to a meal. No wonder he made his female fan’s heart flustered because of his friendly and lively personality.

[News] Park Jung Min learnt Chinese happily by speaking vulgarities

Source: Chinatimes
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)
Please repost with full credits.

Translator Note: I feel that this is not a really good article about JM but just translating if anyone is curious what this article is talking about. And one should know that he always like to joke around with the vulgarities, don’t take it too seriously.

Park Jung Min likes new things, there are already 3 mobile phones in his bag but he laughed and said that even though he has 3 of them, he might not know how to operate them.
Korean group SS501′s member decided to go solo 2 years ago, Park Jung Min was once rumoured in a scandal, investment in his sideline did not go smoothly, tragically loss NT$ 5 million in just half a year, love life, career were covered with black clouds. After nearly a year, he came to Taiwan to film for CTV idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’. His popularity reversed and fans would follow him whenever he is filming. He revealed that he first started learning the Chinese ‘Essence’, he will often blurt out ‘classic’ curse words at the filming site.
Hiring a female staff sparkle rumours
He became popular as SS501 member, apart from acting career, he also runs an online shopping mall. It was rumoured that he hired a female worker so that she could help to expand the career (online shopping mall) to mainland but fans mistook and believed that they are dating. He said that that time, he did discuss about cooperating with a mainland company but did not succeed it in the end, that female staff incident was a misunderstanding. “I am not someone who can be manipulated easily.” After going solo, he focuses on his singing/acting career.
‘Fondant Garden’ will premiere on 24th Feb, 10pm on CTV, while he was in Taiwan filming, he started learning cursing words. Staffs also taught him Taiwanese language. When he was filming in Hualien, his neck got bitten by a mosquito and even knew how to use ‘growing strawberries’ (love bite) to describe it. His personal bag contained 3 mobile phones and ipad and was even being laughed that he is totally a ’3C control’.
Older sister-brother love during 2nd year of Junior High ended in 3 years
The handsome appearance of a lover, he admits that his first love was in his 2nd year of Junior High, the age difference was 3 years old and they dated for 3 years. But because he entered the entertainment industry, they broke up. As he was still young that time and he did not understand love, thus, he did not feel sad. He expressed that he likes interesting girls but he will not disclose his relationship to the public if he is dating. He filmed a kiss scene with Jian Shu Man in the drama and when he was asked how he felt (during the kiss scene) he frankly said “ordinary.”
After going solo, Park Jung Min is trying his best to manage his career. His new drama character and his character are both similar, cheerful in personality.

[Article] Park Jung Min arches a hug

Source: Chinatimes
English translation: RPJM (royalpjm.wordpress.com)
Please repost with full credits.
[RPJM: Only translated Jung Min's portion. And some parts may sounds weird when its being translated to English.]
Korean idol Park Jung Min and new actress Jian Shu Man is a pair of happy lover in CTV idol drama ‘Fondant Garden’. Both of them shoot the drama in Korea and Taiwan, even the communication language is also international. After going solo from SS501, Park Jung Min focuses his career on acting. Not only Japanese, he also learned Chinese last year. Jian Shu Man is also interested in Korean and Japanese thus both of them used 3 kinds of languages to communicate. Park Jung Min will call her ‘Stupid’ (in Chinese) while Jian Shu Man will answered back ‘Babo’ (in Korean). Their bickering is always funny.
■ Park Gold cheek, very casual behind the scene (privately)
After putting on the Brooks Brothers outfit, Park Jung Min was asked to arch a hug during the photo-shoot. Some staffs smiled and said “They are acting as lovers in the drama but they are buddies off the screen.” Jian Shu Man admits that her personality is like a boy and even hugged Park Jung Min’s waist (like a man). Jian Shu Man said “We will not take the photo-shoot seriously, we only know how to joke around.”
Park Jung Min is known to have ‘Golden Cheek’. He pays attention to the camera angle so that it fit the temple and bang’s volume. After taking photos, he will confirm each photo to see if there’s shadow on both of his cheeks and under his eyes and self-deprecate “I am old.” He is very concerned about his performance on the screen. However he is very casual behind the scene. Once, he wore sportswear in the airport and fans saw him, his Japan agency warned him “If you do not have any clothes to wear, the company will buy them for you.”

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