Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong , Soccer My Game , My life

But soccer is only a game, you say. Yes, but isn’t life a game, too? In life, as in soccer we have players with roles,there are rules and there are strategies. One overriding goal is simple. It is to win. Anyone who says its alright to lose is just kidding himself. We even joke about born losers.
 In life we have to win or at least reach our objectives. That is why we practice, until we get it right. We may fall by the roadside, exhausted and weary, but we try to stand again and resume taking part in the game. We have cheerers, or cheer ourselves when the going really get rough.
Kim Hyun Joong’s life parallel that of playing soccer. The entertainment arena (there are gladiators competing for prizes ) is one vast competitive field. Hyun Joong practices (train) to perfection to the bone. He strategizes to emerge the victor, the winner-who would not ? Those who don’t believe in this is just naive. Who will score a goal tonight, so many nights hereafter? Isn’t that what Hyun joong and every K-Pop idol aspire for? Naturally. Who will bring home the title? Though soccer is never played by one but a team, still individual players become outstanding. Hyun Joong has a team but he is the one who the spotlight beam on.
Like soccer, life has coaches, mentors and guides . There are also referees who interprets the rules as just like authorities in the entertainment community.
Kim Hyun Joong’s life is one intense passion for his dance music, so are soccer players. If soccer is said to be playing it hard,strong and smart -what do you think Kim Hyun Joong has been doing all along and all these times?
And just like soccer players, Hyun joong has his cheerers,fans and supporters -us. We have been playing favorites, too. Mine is player number 9. What’s yours?

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