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[ NEWS ] Park Jung Min admits to himself having foot odour on Love JK!

STAR Chinese Channel is going to broadcast the first episode of 'Fondant Garden' on 3rd of March!

The actor and actresses of this drama - Park Jung Min, Jian Man Shu, Lia Lee headed over to Channel [V] Love JK to publicize their drama.

In the show, the 3 talked about the interesting things that happened during the filming of 'Fondant Garden', and also accepted the big acting challenge given by the host, Ken Wu.

Park Jung Min acted as a star with bad foot odour, Ken Wu praised Jung Min saying that his acting is very natural.

They never expected that Park Jung Min actually said that he himself has foot odour. When he went to a shopping centre to purchase a pair of shoes last time, he never tried that pair of shoes in the shop, but only dared to try it when he reached home.

By being frank, not only he made the people on the set laughed, and he even got praised as well! But, he explained that he carefully took care of himself, and now he treated his feet properly everyday, sprayed cologne(?), and he do not have foot odour anymore.

Park Jung Min who loves to eat, actually has a strict diet plan in Korea. But when he came Taiwan, he can't resist the temptation of the Thailand dish with a Taiwan flavour! After having his long stay in Taiwan for about half a year, he gained a few kilos. Now that he is going back to Korea, he is going to film a new Korean drama, and is going to prepare for his new Japanese album. So, he needs to start dieting, to get back his perfect figure!

For more interesting  interviews, it will be shown on 5th March Channel [V]'s Love JK.

Author:Kpopn's CHI
Credit :http://kpopn.com
Chinese to English translation: Bizhen @ DS501fanpage

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