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[News] Eli Si Virgin Dubbing Show, Park Jung Min Pouts And Act Coquetry [01.03.12]

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Idol drama “Fondant Garden” official site held a event for the fans to search for “Who is Park Jung Min’s Dubber?”, the results are out on the 29th February,the real dubber is Eli Si with a vote of 2,500. The 1st show that Eli Si dub belongs to Park Jung Min. Eli Si is not worried that he will not do a good job, instead it was the few scenes of Park Jung Min pouting and acting coquetry, that causes him to blush when he dub.

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Before Park Jung Min leave Taiwan he specially brought Loquat extract to visit dubbing set, put his palms together to ask Eli Si, “Please dub nicely”,Eli Si return the favour by offering home made Fondant Cake, Eli Si seems to be fated with “Bakery”, he has obtain a certificate in Bakery and intends to start a business in this field.
Entering the entertainment industry for over 20 years, Eli Si offered his virgin dubbing show to Hallyu star Park Jung Min, previously there were idol dramas being criticised due to dubbing for the Korean artiste, Eli Si is not worried at all, “as a professional actor, the voice is also part of the act.” totally not worried that he will not do a good job.
Eli Si has released albums, acted in Dramas, Movies and even hosted tv shows,however, to dub dramas is still a first for Eli Si, he study the script thoroughly in order to know the characters in the drama, ” I feel like I am working even harder then when I am one of the actors, no matter what I cannot messed up other people’s drama.” Everytime in the recording studio besides moving his mouth, Eli Si will be so immersed in the recording, he will have hand gestures while he says the lines, the part that he finds the most difficult part is Park Jung Min will pout, ” in the drama his character is a willful young master, in a few scenes he will pout and act coquetry, I really don’t know what should I do when I see it!” says that he will dub till he start blushing.
On the day that Park Jung Min visits the set, Eli Si spent more then 8 hours the night before preparing a Fondant Cake for Park Jung Min, giving Park Jung Min a pleasant surprise. Park Jung Min, Kingone, Jian Man Shu and Lia Lee acted in “Fondant Garden” every Friday 10pm airing on CTV. From 3 March onwards, every Saturday 10pm will be airing on STAR Chinese Channel.
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